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  1. Although I played with footage a long time ago and loved what I saw. I really just want to test the camera out on a shoot to see how I like it. At the very least I would love to mess around with it in a store to see how I like the handling of it. Hopefully soon.
  2. In the ML forums they said it may be a hardware issue. No matter what SD card you put in you'll still get about 22mbs speed. We have to wait and see.
  3. [URL=http://s407.photobucket.com/user/MOE-GUNZ-JACKSON/media/600D1.jpg.html][/URL] [URL=http://s407.photobucket.com/user/MOE-GUNZ-JACKSON/media/600D2.jpg.html][/URL]
  4. Not liking that test. Grabbed the frames Andrew uploaded and upscaled to 1280x640. Really nice. Raw also gives you the ability to add some "clarity" giving you a bit more perceived detail in the shot. Looks great to me.  
  5. I try to look at things from multiple perspectives. I shoot for myself and also for clients so I have to look at things in a different light. The practicality of the 5D raw is important to look at. However, not in the total misunderstanding way some professionals are (heating). I think recording time and the CF cards price:footage ratio is something we have to look at. There is practical things to be considered. I can't for the life of me understand why one wouldn't find this breakthrough exciting. It's simply amazing what the ML team has done and it should be treated as such. Where
  6. And a solar battery that charges when not in used along with a in camera anamorphic simulator that'll make the footage indistinguishable from footage shot with anamorphic lenses. While we're at it, how about a in-camera assembly edit feature?
  7. From ML forums: "The best you can with 600D (550D/60D) is: (limited by hardware SD transfer rates) - 960Ñ…540, upscale it to 1280Ñ…720 (24 fps max) - 1280Ñ…400, tight aspect 3.20:1 (24 fps max) In Canon's 720p - lineskipping 1.66Ñ…, so you should upscale to restore correct ratio: - 1280x400 upscales to 1280x664 - near to 16:9 (24 fps max) - 1280x360 upscale to 1280x600 - 2.13:1 aspect - 1280x320 upscale to 1280x533 - 2.40:1 cinemascope aspect It is only 1280px wide, but pretty nice looking though"
  8. For my personal projects I have the same mindset as you. However I do shoot events, music videos, etc for clients. Sometimes clients needs calls for a different camera.
  9. It's only irrelevant if you make it irrelevant. Several situations can be thought of where the C100 will be the better option than the 5D Mark Raw. I don't understand the one camera to rule them all mindset.
  10. In order for this to be successful this feature has to trickle down to the Rebel cameras as well. If the Magic Lantern team can get this on the 550D, 600D, 7D, and 5D Mk II...game over.
  11. Well I'm excited. Would be nice to hear about rental prices, but seeing as they're a small team they might not be able to supply houses enough. I'm also very excited to see this become a market breakthrough as far as price. We seen the steadicam go down in price when people started building alternatives to the big brands. I think this will happen here as well. Once it hits sub-$1000 the floodgates will open.
  12.   Not to mention if you rent something and then you encounter a scheduling issue with an actor/actress etc. It can really add up. I rarely encounter scheduling issues but when I do I be glad I didn't rent anything. This is referring to personal projects. Renting for clients is easy if you can work it into your price. Renting isn't always the best option. Just have to know when its best to do it. I'm really not comfortable with labeling cameras that cost a certain amount as a "serious" camera and cheaper ones as not. Slippery slope there. In some situations I'll argue the BMCC is more
  13. Serious cameras are dictated by cost now, not image and capabilities?
  14. Going to have to disagree with you about the inside shots being ugly and the grain looking like digital. I think it's the total opposite. All have different taste.
  15. I think the BMCC is going to force Canon and other companies to play ball. Generally huge companies are conservative, they wait to see where the market goes then they enter. The small companies usually take the risk. Blackmagic, Kinefinity, etc. is going to launch the second revolution and I'm sure the big companies are going to follow eventually.
  16. [quote name='nickname' timestamp='1345761650' post='16339'] i love how the fullframe look is so last season and deep focus is the shit now. what will we do if sony actually brings out the a99 with amazing video? will it be the fullframe look again??? what shall i tell the kids? but i´m happy the dslr community woke up from the h264 nightmare. we just have to tell the clients about this and if we´re lucky we don´t have to shoot on 5ds any more! [/quote] I don't think we're saying the fullframe look is bad or that deep focus is super awesome. We&
  17. [quote name='JHines' timestamp='1345752633' post='16318'] I'll drink the BMC Koolaid when the sensor size isn't blown out of the water by most modern video cameras. It simply isn't a camera for low light wide angle work. Raw is amazing to edit with and there is no doubting that. I'm glad the progress this camera has forced on the industry, but a more all around camera with my current set of lenses that I've invested thousands of dollars in is what I'm waiting for. I'm sure the success of this camera will lead to bigger sensors in the futu
  18. [quote name='Remsy_Atassi' timestamp='1345747900' post='16305'] Here's a question... When I try to import the files into AE it prompts me to use Camera Raw for every single frame. There has got to be a better way to apply those settings to an entire folder or sequence, right? The Brawley clips come out as Folders for each shot containing the individual frames inside. This has also presented a challenge when I work on these clips in Resolve, because the naming convention makes Proxies very tough to create. Can you explain your import workflow in a bit more
  19. [quote name='rommex' timestamp='1345675882' post='16256'] Andrew, before chart-lovers hijack this thread: You wrote: "I couldn’t get above 1fps in Premiere CS5.5" I could be saying stupid silly stuff, but I couldn't overcome exactly the same rate -- 1 fps -- in Premire Pro until I realized that imported DNG sequence [u]is interpreted as a 1 fps sequence[/u]. Then I right-clicked my clips in Project Bin and in "Modify > Interpret footage..." pop-up menu changed 1fps to 24 fps. :) [/quote] Yep. I stayed away from importing straight
  20. [quote name='tabac' timestamp='1345663490' post='16234'] Charts and number comparisons aside, this looks like an immense camera. Looking at it on the dough to image equation. [/quote] Personally I put more stock in the actual image. Not a fan of charts and graphs. The Blackmagic camera just has a lovely image. Even the noise in the low light shots are beautiful. I agree with you. Great camera.
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