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  1. Great news! I sometimes wish there was a team like ML for Nikon, because imagine getting the RAW DR/tonality/IQ of the D800 on video. Now THAT would be incredible.
  2. Exciting stuff! Will this ever be possible for the lower end Rebel cameras? Or is the processor too slow? Maybe soon we can have 24fps off the full 21mp sensor so we can have 6K+ footage!!! And maybe they can rewrite the code to reduce rolling shutter! That would be awesome! 
  3. I don't think this has anything to do with the 48fps. Honestly it didn't look any different from other digital movies coming out these days. This is more of a film vs digital topic. And one thing I want to say is that medium format film (65/70mm/IMAX) has very high resolution but doesn't look overly sharp. In fact, it looks amazingly cinematic, even more so than 35mm. When digital matches that resolution, it tends to look overly sharp and TV-ish. But I think it's something we just have to get used to. Everyone's shooting digital now. And I've seen some movies shot on digital that looked pretty impressive (Skyfall, Hugo). 
  4.   That may be true for video, but the D5200 actually has better IQ for pictures than the 5D3. I doubt the 7D2 will come anywhere near a D5200 in terms of photo quality. I've given up on Canon a while ago. They haven't improved their sensors in 10 years.
  5. Honestly, I don't think it's the 48fps. It's just the camera. I've never seen a cinematic movie on the RED before. Social Network, Dragon Tattoo, Contagion... Even the new Spider-Man looks horrible from the trailer. The Alexa is a little better, but still not that good. Hugo/Drive/In Time looked alright, but I've seen plenty of horrible looking movies shot on the Alexa. Mr Poppers Penguins looks pretty bad. Of course, there were tons of movies shot on film that looked pretty bad too, but I have yet to see a movie shot on digital that looks as good as my favorite movies shot on Panavision/Arri film cameras. That said, I think people (including me) should stop caring about how cinematic a movie looks and just enjoy the story.
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