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  1. Thanks a G7 it is, as for the people discussing artistic impression and the likes. I have an idea in my mind for what I am looking to create and resolution is what I need to track small objects moving at large distances. Muddy images is not an option. Thank you all for assistance.
  2. My main requirement is resolution, codec, grade-ability. My main goal is to make sure the images are sharp been disappointed in the past shooting with the 5D Mark III as the images were always blurry and missed the fine detail. For portraits and close-up the 5D is amazing. But when the composition is the subject I want the resolution to pick up the fine details. Thanks I did not research the FZ1000 will look into that now. In the past Panasonic has always impressed me with video which is why the LX100, Gh4 and G7 are highest on my list. NX500 is a good option my only concern is don't want to have another mount system. bad enough worrying about new Fuji, M43, Sony and Canon's without adding Samsung's into the mix. Though as reviews for the A7RII start trickling out my GAS fever is rising a lot for the camera.
  3. I am going to be heading on Holiday in September and looking for a 4K camera to be able to capture some video of landscape locations. I want 4K for flexability of cropping and also i like when a wide angle shot has a lot of small things moving around. I have have had gas in the past so have EF, m43 and E mount lenses around. Not really looking to grade deeply, just a few sharpening and to make colors pop without looking to processed. I am looking at the LX100,G7 and even the A7RII. If i get the A7RII the Canon gets left at home but the Fuji's will travel for stills.
  4. Can't wait for Andrew test with HDMI out! As if hack quality gets pumped out via HDMI then its on!!!!!!!
  5. First off i work for Microsoft however this thread is somewhat an oxy moron, from saying not to use Windows because it is unstable but to use a hackintosh is a contradiction. Apple nor any PC manufacturer supports hackintosh, which means support is non existent no driver updates, no firmware patches etc! Also a Hackintosh is no way as stable as a PC running windows.    As for Windows is it stable? well do fortune 500 companies use Windows? YES!!!   As for ease of use, I have used both Macs and PCs both to anyone with common sense are easy to use! For people who go on about Windows being hard, let me ask you do you use right click? On a mac enabling right click is something that needs to be configured!   Windows 8? Has anyone here used it yet? I am running win 8 and it is stable!    I myself recently migrated all my photos from Aperture on a Mac to Lightroom on a PC? Why the cost of PC hardware is far cheaper, and an iMac upgrade cannot accommodate an internal hard drive expansion without validating warranty!    Each OS has its strengths and weaknesses, it comes down to preference and what you worf flow requires!
  6. Andrew great review on the camera, but your OS review is extremely poor!!!! Windows PCs are far better then people give them credit for. There is a reason many enterprises use Windows OS, and not OSX!
  7. So a magic lantern hack of the 1DX basically will turn the camera into a 4K DSLR with zebras and Peaking and all the other good stuff! With the dude that just hacked the 7D Dual procs, it looks likely with funding the 1DX will be hacked??? If it is hacked will we see 1DX start flying off the shelf? As im guessing it would be the best all round camera/video! As a camera it is arguably the best DSLR out there, and with the hacks would be a cheapish 4k DSLR!
  8. It is clear from the sample video the !DX is sharper across the frame look at the other objects in the frame all looks better! I wonder if a hacked 7D can also improve video quality? or maybe the new firmare as that has 2 CPU, 1 can output video the other to compress,???
  9. [quote author=Andrew Reid link=topic=848.msg6115#msg6115 date=1339779721] Nick's patches are all here http://www.personal-view.com/talks/discussion/3454/driftwood-quantum-x-settings-series-5-cluster-v4-mysteron-crossfire-quantum-9b-sedna-etc.../p1 Quantum is actually quite old now. The updated ones are nicer. [/quote] Noob question: How do we download the patches?
  10. [quote author=Axel link=topic=837.msg6023#msg6023 date=1339571355] @bloodycape The Zacuto "Revenge" road show is going on "in selected cinemas" these days, but the overall results have already been published: It's not the camera anymore, it's you! I contributed to a concert recording for multicam with my GH2 with a long lens on a tripod. There was a GoPro2 hidden behind the musicians. There was a mobile PMW EX3, but also instructed to film long shots with the good old zooms. There was one 550D and one 60D, both on shoulder rigs, to cover portrait shots. It was well planned. The good resolution cams for the wide shots, filming uninterrupted. The EOS for the beauty shots, with breaks to let the sensors cool. No problem at all to mix these sources in a multicam edit. The wedding you described also respects the particular strengths of the cameras. Nothing helps, of course, if the photographers are allowed to flash ... [/quote] And that is exactly where Canon strong point is when shooting the portrait shots, the soft look of the camera makes skin tones and people look amazing! However for wide shots the softness harms the image! I have both GH2 and 5D and prefer 5D to shoot people than the GH2 even with hack! Most people will shoot the video of the canon of their families so the quality to them would be excellent! Lets not forget that people cna't even update their phones, and are more than happy with grainy phone images for holidays and vacations! So the video of them and their friends shot on the canon will look much better! We are disappointed with Canon lack of resolution boost? But appreciate that the look that the camera has for video and color is the most film like. For me cameras like the c300 and c500 are for everything videos, movies documentaries, wide, close long etc! Whereas the DSLR for canon is mainly to record people and mid to close ranges! On a side note: i shot with the em5 and hacked gh2 and so far the EM5 seems sharper and also had no moire!
  11. Hold the press why is the rx100 a camera that has 0 manual controls news, and the Canon 650D isn't news? Furthermore everyone going off on canon about how poor the camera is when 99% of the people have not even seen the camera live, and just commenting on what 'people say'! I do have a 5D, and a Nex5n, gh2 and EM5! so not a canon fanboy! However whilst the other cameras do have good features none can even scratch the 5D Mk II for IQ for stills! and for videos of people it still top dog! If i wanna shoot lots of video os scenery with no plot than yeah GH2, but if i wanna shoot people i almost will always turn to the 5D Mark II! The admin of this site really should rename the site GH2HD rather than EOSHD, especially if he considers a new camera being released not news worthy! A new release is a new release and if someone is impartial should report it!
  12. Canon need to release a 5D Mark III without AA filter! And upgrade the firmware for codec and they have a much better camera! Canon already released the 60Da for Astrophotography! Why not a 5Da considering a lot of people use the 5D for Astrophotgraphy and with the low light performance will reduce the shutter times! I do expect that a 5D Mark III firmware update will probably update the codec! but the main blocked is the AA!
  13. [quote author=AaronChicago link=topic=701.msg5071#msg5071 date=1336509297] The whole CS6 suite is ballin. I've been playing around with Speed Grade the last couple of days. It's insanely fast and plays DPX files in real time while changing parameters. [/quote] Can't wait to try it! Not processed any mark II stuff and out of cam looked good, but with all talk of GH2 hacks makes me wanna get that without seeing first what mark II can do!
  14. Dont these 'softer' lenses defeat the point of hacking the GH2? The extra resolution is lost with these lenses? Wouldn't a DSLR with Sharp lens yield similar results?
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