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  1. The Canon Cinema line is the worst thing to happen to the Canon brand imo. They've stopped all progress in regards to image quality on the video side of things with their dslr's based on the underwhelming specs of their more expensive "C" cameras that they don't want to best. What Canon should do is offer legit pro cameras with high frame rates and raw recording ability with all the bells and whistles for top dollar. Maybe a camera that actually commands its price. DSLR's should be B and C cameras to these high end "Cinema" cameras that can offer similar image quality at the standard 24p and
  2. Looks like a clean image but it looks like the same in-camera processing that smudges fine detail. Definitely looks like mud. Hopefully Magic Lantern can work their magic and get raw out of this for the 4 people who buy this camera.
  3. Just watched it again on my 15" retina mbp and the aliasing was no where near as bad as on my other monitor. Looks good!
  4. Another service will pop up and everyone will migrate there. Copyright law is flawed in the internet age and it's going to be a while before it straightens itself out. Vimeo must of been pressured by the big wigs to tighten up. Sad day for Vimeo.
  5. The only thing we can expect from the Canon Cinema line is a price way above what the specs are worth. C200 - 8 grand, C400 - 15 grand. Awesome. Cannot wait to not buy any of these.
  6. I'm done arguing about this. All I wanted to say was that I thought this piece was underwhelming image quality-wise. I hope more footage comes out and makes me completely disregard all of this because I want to buy the BMC4K camera. The specs it offers are absurd for the price point it is at. Looking forward to its raw implementation because I'm sure it's going to be better than the prores it currently only shoots.
  7. Let's have a look at my first comment - "I'll watch the 4K file when it comes out but just comparing the streamed versions of both, 5D3 raw looks more appealing to me, color quality especially. " Vimeo converts any file format you upload to their own file format for streaming. You know what this means? It's called a level playing field. If you shoot something at 6K with a Red Dragon and upload it to Vimeo and you upload another video shot by a 5D3 at 1920 x 1080p, I don't care what Vimeo does, the Red 6K file converted by Vimeo better look more detailed than the 5D3 one, especially if th
  8. Looks incredibly detailed. This was shot on a much cloudier day and with way more swell in the ocean, making for much mistier conditions yet it still looks night and day sharper than the BMC4K piece.
  9. Where have you seen the 4K prores original file of this entire piece? Madness that I can't watch an imaginary 4K prores file of the entire piece (not one clip from the entire edit uploaded to wetransfer) that you seem to have watched. Read what thedest has posted, he actually comprehended and fully understood what I had to say.
  10. Yes the lighting is different. Yes the composition is different. Yes the focal length and compression is different so I applaud you for letting us know all of this. Despite your points, EVERY shot in the BMC4K shot looks inherently softer than anything in the Genesis piece which both were primarily shot with the same Canon 70-200 2.8 IS II lens. That wasn't the only shot I could have used as an example but it was telling to me because I regularly shoot ocean landscapes myself. Both of these pieces were shot on clear days with light winds. Shooting at longer focal lengths near the ocean typica
  11. Very mature comment. Glad you encourage people to share their opinions on this public forum.
  12. I'm comparing both streamed and downloaded ORIGINAL FILE versions and Genesis blows it away. PERCEIVED RESOLUTION Andrew. Thanks for the update that it was shot in different light. Obviously the 4K will have more resolution on paper and with the original file(4K) but the 5D3 at 1920 x 720 looks more appealing to me than the BMC piece at 1920 x 1080(which is being streamed as of right now). Just my opinion.
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