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  1. Really enjoyed this. The quick cuts and strong compositions left me fascinated and the sound editing was very strong too. Jealous of your journeys. :)
  2. Crap, sorry for the stupid topic title. :unsure:
  3. Simple, all-in-one lens kit for S35 and M43 sensors, I've shot many fun projects with this sharp and agreeable little setup. It's for sale now for anyone interested. Moving to SLR Magic Anamorphot soon. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks for looking! Click here for eBay auction, demo video in description.
  4. Done and done! I read it cover to cover. Thank you sir! Job well done. :)
  5. Ordered! But my download stalled repeatedly and my link expired/blocked me after too many attempts, so I can't get the ebook :( email sent! Excited to read this!
  6. 1.33x is fine for me. 1.5x would be cool but I already have a sharp Kowa 2x solution, and the bokeh can be stretched further using diopters or something like a DSO-style modified lens. So for me, the ideal feature set for this product is:   -Single focus mechanics -Nice blue oval flare: see Scott's Alien -Works with fast lenses (f2/f2.8) at a 50mm equivalent focal length -under 1200.00 USD. If I wanted to pay more I'd pony up for an Iscorama or Lomo squarefront.
  7.   +1. I shoot a NEX-7 as my walkaround photo/video camera and I have to say, configured properly, it puts out a really nice image. Just don't go too flat with the profile or overboard with the 1080p/60p. Detail and dynamic range are great though, and it will take any lens I throw at it. AF in video is smooth and usable. The only reason I'd recommend it over a NEX-6 is the mic input. The 10-18mm f4 and 50mm 1.8 lenses are a perfect combo for run and gun shooting.   That said, the 50D is the best bargain to come along in a while. At the very least, it's a solid way to get my feet wet in raw workflow, and the images it's capable of are quite nice, especially in anamorphic. Cool beans. I'm interested to see how the new mid-level Canon DSLRs will perform in this area.
  8. Hi all,   Just on the lookout for a bayonet or large-thread Century Anamorphic adapter (with or without diopter) to use on my NEX system. Any Optex or similar adapter would work too, it just needs to be focus-through and cover APS-C. eBay is no help right now, I'd appreciate any leads or heads-up. Thanks! :)
  9.   So I'm seeing, but my biggest concern would be whether it could cover APS-C without vignetting. 37mm seems awfully narrow to be attaching to a 52mm front thread on even M43.
  10. Hey fellas, for those who have owned/used one of these, just wondering how compatible the Century Optics 1.33x anamorphic adapter (37mm rear thread) might be with my Sony NEX-7, and what lenses would work best. I've got a line on one that looks like a great deal but there's no chance to get my money back if it doesn't work. So, how well does this piece cover APS-C through Sony's E-mount, and how wide can I go? I have to say I'm skeptical. I understand diopters might be a necessity too...
  11. I'd like to see this paired with that excellent-looking NEX-5N cinema cage. I can't wait to acquire a speed booster for my NEX-7. Double my focal length collection, gain a stop across the board and attain FF DOF and FOV? 600$ is a steal.
  12. I've got an NEX7 with a Sankor 16-D 2x. Nice combo, and squeezing the footage to 1920x540 is easy in post through almost all the NLEs I use (Avid Studio, Premiere Elements). But if I want to *stretch* the footage, it gets trickier. These consumer NLEs, as nice as they can be, don't really allow custom project resolutions/ARs beyond 1080/16:9. I tried using Lightworks, but it doesn't yet natively support AVCHD so I'd have to entirely transcode the footage. If I wanted to do that I'd just transcode AND resize all at once, and edit the new clips in one of my simpler NLEs. What I'm looking for is a Windows NLE that will let me resize/stretch my footage to 3840x1080 [i]within[/i] the project and export/master in that format as well. I'm guessing Premiere Pro is probably the best way to go here, but I can't afford it yet and I was naively wondering if there's a less expensive solution.  :P Any ideas?
  13. Andrew - Any further details or thoughts regarding NEX-7 Night profile, or Creative profiles in general? Was it used as is or did you dial down sharpness, contrast and saturation? I've been using this profile lately and find it among the most usable for video work with this camera.
  14. Excellent, would love a similar post about NEX-7 (getting around limitations). I understand it's taken a backseat, however. :)
  15. [quote author=Andrew Reid - EOSHD link=topic=469.msg3022#msg3022 date=1332798858] Bitrate as quoted in the specs is per second. The more frames per second the more thinly spread the allocated bitrate for each second so the less each frame gets. The more compressed the frame and the less bits of data allocated to the image, the worse the image gets. [/quote] OK that makes good sense. The data rate Sony advertises for NEX-7's 60p footage is 28mbps, while for 24p it is 24mbps. With this clarified, indeed it seems 24pFX will be my go-to mode unless I need slo-mo - just means I need to plan a bit more when I frame up a shot ;) Real-world experience with the camera tells me, though, that MBL plays nice with NEX-7 footage, and if I like what I see *while shooting* then I'll generally like it in post. In my experience so far this goes for both 24p and 60p out of this camera.
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