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  1. "Christopher Nolan and the other defenders of film should take a hint from Lars Von Trier." Wut??? OMG. Lol. Whatever film is diying, this only slows down its fate.
  2. WTF? Lol, they have lost all my respect. Their arrogance is unbelievable. Next...
  3. Wow Im sold with thee Samsung. BTW, Canon is slowly becoming an irrelevant company
  4. You haven't learned anything from these forums. You cant be a "PRO" with a five hundred camera. LOL.
  5. It's like HDR photography, sucks big time. But some ppl love it. :D
  6. Andrew thanks for your quick response. I'm going to buy a new camera, but I can't decide which one to buy. I often work in dark areas, so low light performance is really important for me..... decisions.
  7. Without a doubt the GH4 is a nice camera, but to be honest the low light performance and the DR are far from the bmpcc. Not for me.
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