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  1. "Christopher Nolan and the other defenders of film should take a hint from Lars Von Trier." Wut??? OMG. Lol. Whatever film is diying, this only slows down its fate.
  2. WTF? Lol, they have lost all my respect. Their arrogance is unbelievable. Next...
  3. Wow Im sold with thee Samsung. BTW, Canon is slowly becoming an irrelevant company
  4. You haven't learned anything from these forums. You cant be a "PRO" with a five hundred camera. LOL.
  5. It's like HDR photography, sucks big time. But some ppl love it. :D
  6. Andrew thanks for your quick response. I'm going to buy a new camera, but I can't decide which one to buy. I often work in dark areas, so low light performance is really important for me..... decisions.
  7. Without a doubt the GH4 is a nice camera, but to be honest the low light performance and the DR are far from the bmpcc. Not for me.
  8. I was about to buy the 2K BMCC, I'm going to wait and see what happen in the near future.
  9. If your film contains any CGI/animation content, it must be no more than 25% of the film OMG, that's very very very confusing. I mean, extreme grading can be considering CGI for some "purists". I'd like to produce a B&W Sci-Fi short. Can you clarify this? BTW nice promo video but.... ...... at least 90% of those shots were "enhanced by a computer". ^_^
  10. I like the footage coming from the 7D, will someday 2.5K with hardware modification possible? who knows.   By the way... 2592 x 1156 with 1.5x anamorphic lens .. mmmm interesting. 
  11. Well at the moment I'm gonna buy the Cinema Camera, I was excited about the Pocket camera, but now I am a little disappointed. And now with the BMCC price drop to $1995, the BMPC is pointless. At least for me.
  12. I'm sorry to say it, but all John Brawley's videos look like s.....   Why the hell Blackmagic gave him a test camera?
  13. wow, Video from the 7D looks really sharp. I love the look.
  14. Good News for 7D owners.   "a1ex committed  2 hours ago (raw commit)   7D: found raw image buffers! raw overlays and silent pics working"    
  15. Ok for 18k I can buy four 4K BlackMagic cameras and still I can save $2,000 for alcohol and slutz..... 
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