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  1. Why do people take any of Andrews words seriously? Andrew says "I also did some research on XAVC-S. It records in MP4 format but perhaps rather disturbingly it has a much lower bitrate than the GH4′s 4K codec. It is just 60Mbit/s vs 100Mbit/s on the GH4 in Ultra HD." He did his research eh?. Then explain the Sony FDR-AX1's 150M/bit XAVC-S in which a 1 minute research would find and I quote, "In order to provide 4K video recording in a consumer model, Sony designed the FDR-AX1 to support the XAVC-S 4K/HD recording format which is usually reserved for professional applications. Howev
  2. I think what he is saying is that he doesn't use FCPX. Filmconvert works just fine in FCPX.
  3. You're rather defensive. I agree with others here (and elsewhere) that these grades look not pleasant. I get what you are trying to do and that is take blue/green light and make it amber warm showing the cameras ability to grade heavy. But maybe when people say "I'm not too keen on the look" you might wanna try not coming back with "I know you are but what am I" with "I wanted to test the cameras limits and falsely color the image to my minds eye". Production Diary? Going to the park with a beta camera is a production now? Is that Gorilla Pod your Production rig? At best, everything to
  4. Sorry Dest, your grading is really quite horrible. Especially your first example.
  5. This is great thing. Hey Andrew, that means you can be EOSHD again. Regardless, this just gives us another option for shooting high quality motion. Embrace that. As for what else to shoot in the 5Draw vs BMC? Go point the cameras at the sun and see which has "BLACKHOLE SUN, WON'T YOU COME, A WASH AWAY THE RAIN". (or at least the rainbows). I'm so glad I sold my BMCv1EF.
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