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  1. So wait for the BMPC or get the BMCC with the MFT and this speedbooster? I use ZF Zeiss Nikon glass with EF adaptors on my 5D. But if I use these on the MFT BMCC, for $2500, I can be ready to go. Or wait for the BMPC, and spend $4,000. I don't care about 4K, however would be nice. The way I see it at global shutter and 11-12 (estimated) stops vs no global and 13 stops....
  2.   Awesome thanks. Can you link me for the newest update?
  3. I found the link to RAW2DNG.exe however the link in here doesn't work.  http://***URL not allowed***/news/?p=17898     Anyone else know where to get it? Thanks!
  4. Gotcha, what program do you use for Windows?
  5. **UPDATE** So I recorded a bunch of RAW video and each time use RAW2DNG (PC or Mac) the very last RAW file won't do anything. While recording, both times stopped recording due to card full. Even though it shows 3GB or so, does that some how corupt the file? I didn't ahve an issue with any other files.   Thanks!!!   ___________________________________________________   Hey guys,  I keep getting this error when I try to use RAW2DNG for mac.    usage: dirname path Error: /Volumes/CFls: *.dng: No such file or directory Northing conerverted   Anyone else have this issue for know a way around it?   Thanks!
  6. Anyone else having issues with the CompputerBay 128GB cards? I'm using a MacBook Pro and a USB 2.0 CF card reader. 1 out of 20 tries it mounts... and then as its transferring it ejects..
  7. At 1920x1080 @ 24fps with a 1000x how long can you record till it drops frames?
  8. So does anyone know with a 1000x card, how long can you record for without dropped frames?
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