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GH5 to Alexa Conversion

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Sure; it depends on what you'd like. Fuji and BMD have very good, usable color. I personally will use P4K with GH5; I hope to have EC to do a production this summer. 8 bit is tricky; I'd prefer t

"GH5 V-Log and Hybid Log-Gamma are transformed to precisely match the color science of the Alexa, without compromise." "The GH Alex conversion completely transforms the GH5 image, addressing ever

Emotive Color Version 3 Core LogC Details - Rewrote engine to work at 65x65x65, main files are now at eight times resolution (supporting files processed at that resolution) - Fine tuned mu

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2 hours ago, Sage said:

@Coiii @Wild Ranger I would like to.. supporting the GH5 fully has been time consuming. If I do support more, I would like to make sure its quality work, and fully supported. If I could do this full time, that would be awesome. I've got these other offshoot(s), that is/are potentially amazing

Nice! Im sure you will have a lot of support from Sony users since it's a more popular camera. I hope you find the time soon to start experimenting with colors ?

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12 minutes ago, tihon84 said:


I think it`s not only LUT applied? DO you know what was a postprocessing?

David usually just places luma as in the PDF. I'll ask him, and also for the Vlog version

Did you get those last two Vlog shots?

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