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  1. Thank you! Wow, Davids and your VLOG footage look so good without grading... I think something wrong with my exposure... I wish to know how he set exposure and wb for this shot.
  2. nice! I think it`s not only LUT applied? DO you know what was a postprocessing?
  3. And here is my grading of original footage.
  4. Hi! Can anyone tell me why UM4,6k is blue and GH5 is GREEN? UM PRO is the absolute winner here because of real colors
  5. HI! New off topic from me... Heh Roman post this video on Vimeo, and i think it looks amazing. Look at this colors. This is the look i`m searching all the time. Shot on URSA Mini pro Looks so nice! Reach and natural! Trying to achieve this look using David files. Sage, can you send me Davids raw vlog PNG for my personal tests only? If you don`t mind Thanks
  6. nice shots. JUST VLOG + GHA was applied? Did a little grading in photoshop:
  7. Hi, you are right. Your LUT is really accurate in terms of color e.t.c, I just posted my view on possible grading to achieve more 16mm look (like in video reference)
  8. Hi, maybe you can share you 16 mm grain footage, please? Also, i wish to know what opacity settings did you use? And one more thing. I think your stills looks great, but need a little CC and contrast. If you like it, here a PSD file with adjustment layers https://yadi.sk/i/qGqI558H3XBKJg
  9. Hi, Sage. Thank you, yes, this v2 is really what i need. Great lumiance level after transform LUT! one thing i have to chek: i think my grey card is not 42 ire:) i think its about 30... i will buy x-rite passport with true 42 and check it:)
  10. Yep, it`s in spam folder. Thank you!
  11. can you send me this v2 update, please? i got GHAv2 at 6 of may, so i dont have this v2 update yet thank you
  12. Perfect! Did you use white side of X-rite color checker for a custom wb? Correct wb settings is still pain for me... Here is a 2k PNG tests... I set exposureto 42 IRE using 18% grey card And custom WB using true white paper Heheh :))) I noticed some contrast issues using AE2018. If you set Color settings to none, you will have more flat image... Keep it in mind... So i change it to sRgb... Looking to Waveform i conclude, that with sRgb Color settings i`m in right luminance level, i guess. Next I attached the same vlog images, but with sRGB color settings I don`t know why, but after GHa conversion it looks really overexposed... Strange
  13. Thank you for V2 version! did you shoot this sample :"GHa Daylight Sample 8.jpg" in CINE-d profile? Doesn`t look like a VLOG
  14. Hi, can you tell me more about how to set WB, please... What do you usually use as a white paper? Grey Card? I have a really different results when i set wb using white paper, grey card and manually choosing 5600 on the daylight... And manual settings wb in Kelvins working MORE accurate for me... Thank you
  15. Yep, h264 is really bad here is an image of h264 export (1st) and h265 (second) alot of banding and color shifts and contrast problems in h264 vimeo tests: h264 h265 i also attached best! export setting for AME 2017. Small file size and really great quality after vimeo compression its in russian, but you can see all radio buttons If you want more, just set 10mbps cbr
  16. Wow! Now i see. Thank you. Great work!
  17. hi. V1 vas close to alexa in case of colors and provided references. As i can see now there are some color differens between new and old luts. So... do you try to create more correct alexa colors or what?) for me the main idea is to create the transformation lut for gh5 vlog to achieve alexa c-log colors and dr as close as possible. Following instructions to shoot with the same wb and exposure
  18. Yep, now it looks well exposed and as i can see the colors are better and skin tones looks more correct and bright. Great update
  19. Hi, how can i get this new versions? Thanks
  20. Still no replys? I have the same question, because a have very different results on camera and on desktop monitors...
  21. Nice. now we must have two cameras: one for daylight, and anouther for low-light. what next? gh5se with 16 stops of dr, but with only fullhd and no slow-motion gh6- same as gh5s, but with IBIS and with 6k, omg
  22. Nice offer! Still dont understand why we should pay 100! Bucs for VLog upgrade... i wish you did this before i bought VLog)
  23. Yes, this Kowa 2x from Bell&Howell seams to be the best in case of sharpness an image look. Great anamorphic lens. Im using small Bolex Moller 16mm (8/15), and its great to. Really sharp but its 1.5x. if you want 1,5x you can buy big brother Bolex Moller 32. But, thy are all double focuse. about 6k and vlog: yes, i’m using anamorphic video mode, and I have VLog posibilities there.
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