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“The Middle Path”: A Lumix GH5s Short

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@jonpais It is why they left out V-Log L with the GH5 and shipping it with the GH5S though. Still more in the hybrid space... it was released before there was a true split in flagships (if they had that 100% figured out before... not sure). That's why we think the GH5 might not make the most sense anymore with both G9 and GH5S around.

Although, non of these are really from their 'pro' departments. Sony has the CineAlta and Broadcast & Pro A/V space, Panasonic VariCam and non-Lumix broadcast/pro A/V cameras, Canon the EOS Cinema range and X-series broadcast/pro A/V line-up, etc. As this is Lumix... it's still predominantly coming from their consumer line-up. Not to say they don't serve the pro video market, it just doesn't necessarily come from that department alone.

-- regarding lack of IBIS, that actually was one of the first things that came to mind when we were talking about a possible successor to the GH5 that was more hardcore a couple of months ago. I kinda was put on that train of thought after having seen Luke use a tripod dolly to get the shot and sorta put it together with the hardcore minded BMPCC and other cinema cameras that lack sensor stabilization and earlier reports that a free floating sensor would generate heat and data access issues for the most efficient data pulling, which I thought this might be all about. Still curious to find out now how many stops of DR it will have and how good it really is in lowlight, as I said, I'm not expecting anything good above ISO6400 and am only expecting a jump in improvement like we've seen GH5 VS GH4. Of course, new lowlight optimized sensor tech (dual native ISO especially) and the low megapixel count (yet the A7RII VS A7SII regarding lowlight... it's not really that much of an advantage to go less pixels) might make a significant difference, so we'll see. Kinda curious about the external output as well. I was sorta expecting something in terms of data management and compression to heavily been effected, perhaps even internally. Oh well, a few more hours. :D

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This video proves that GH5 "S" is not only a low light camera, but a lowlight sea MONSTER. It also works underwater, as the scene gives us obvious clues to this feature. Also the use of boats sug

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I'll make sure to do a side by side with the UM46K when I get the GH5s.

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2 minutes ago, sanveer said:

I am NOT sure why Panasonic didn't Include IBIS. I hope there is a good reason (sensor MP count and multi-aspect 4k crop factor) for it.

Otherwise they have Crippled a Superb camera for the GH5, for NO JUSTIFIABLE REASON.

Why would GH5 owners be Upset, Unless they are stupid. The GH5 has DOUBLE the Photo Resolution of the GH5s. That ALONE is reason not to fret or dispair. 

Don't get your knickers in a twist just yet. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a reason as to why IBIS is missing (*IF* it is missing!).

For instance perhaps the new sensor / processor lets off too much heat, thus it needs to be solidly connected to a great heatsink (which would rule out IBIS completely).

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Depends though. If you do like the more advanced video features (where the G9 doesn't cut it for ya), but you don't shoot in a cinema camera way (studio/set style set-ups, tripod, dolly, rigs, gimbals), but more handheld, then it's still the one. ;) I really regard the GH5S possibly being the true follow up of the BMPCC.

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Lack of IS is a bit of a bummer for me, but not a deal breaker. What I really want to know about is dynamic range and highlight roll-off. From the few teasers that Luke has given us, it appears to be pretty damn good. I do a lot of outdoor wildlife shooting and all of mirrorless cameras to date, do not do a good job with highlight roll-off. This is BIG for me.


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12 minutes ago, mercer said:

Unless the GH5s shoots ProRes or Raw, it isn’t.

Depends what that would mean to ya. For you that might mean ProRes and Raw. For me it would be having a 'pocket cinema camera'... well replace 'pocket' with 'fairly compact'. Just an all-in-one handheld device that shoots filmic footage. I'd be happy with any image that doesn't have 'video' written as much over it like Panasonics might have in the past and has some more cinematic properties to it. Now we get different flavors of LOG footage with some bit-depth and bitrate to it. If that is combined with a huge dynamic range (most challenging bit with previous 4/3" cameras) and pleasant highlight roll-off... in a wayyyyyyy more practical and usable body than the BMPCC. Then by all means to me that means it's a worthy successor. And it would have huge advantages because it is more practical: just think of ergonomics, battery life, vari-angle screen, EVF, interface, HFR, exposure and focus aids and overlays, etc.

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If it does not have full VLog instead of VLogL curve nor option for turning sharpness completely off and "only" one stop improvement in lowlight, I think GH5 would be the better choice for my shortfilmmaking pleasures. Edit: Well, if it has the first two features, I would be satisfied with one stop improvement! :)

By the way, that graphic design of the comparision chart of the two cameras looks very, very dubious, especially the lower part of the GH5s specs.

@Cinegain. G9 still has no high bitrate HD mode nor HVFR modes nor 10bit. HD has gotten worse on the lesser Lumix cams since the G7. G7 was the peak of the lesser bunch when it comes to resolution.

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2 minutes ago, mercer said:

Well if these specs are correct, we now know why it’s only $2499.

Cheap for the price! 

Although, if I was going to drop $2.5K on a camera it still would be a tough choice for me between this of a second FS700 + Shogun, their prices now are quite similar to a new GH5S! :-o

However, I must resist buying any cameras! As focused on sound. But I am excited to work with this camera in the future! Which I am 100% sure I will. 


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I think you might be missing the point I'm trying to make. It's not that the GH series are not professional tools (I use them on most shoots, and make my living that way!).

It's about an economy of scale. The only way Panny can make a 2k-ish camera work financially is for it to have a wide global reach.

We occupy quite a blinkered filmmaker bubble, and assume that other users share our obsessions. But Joe in his garage is probably a more typical Panasonic customer than you or I, and he's never heard of Zacutto, etc.

I just feel like this camera is going to be niche marketed in a slightly different way from its siblings.

Eta this was in response to an earlier post by @jonpais

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