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Andrew Reid

Meanwhile, at DPReview...

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13 minutes ago, noone said:

What strikes me as weird is he chose to use his name there.

Makes me think he did it for the attention he is going to get or it could be someone else having a lend.

Ooo, interesting. It's definitely not as long as.. any other post he's ever made. Maybe his son is pretending to be him, carrying on the family.. you know.. shame

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5 hours ago, AKH said:

Anyone interacting on DPReview should take this advice.........


Ahh hell no wonder they love me on there LoL. I have been Banned a few times there. Perma Banned on the Sony Forum. Me and the  Sony Mod and me don't see eye to eye to say the least. He is a Jackass! Ugly bastard also. :grimace: Well as you can see, I really don't like him. I don't like Richard Butler either. Hmm hell, a lot I don't like about it. Probably why it is rare I comment anymore. I like the Sigma forum the best. Had a lot of their cameras.

One hell of a lot of Video haters on there I can tell you that for sure. Pretty much out of touch with reality is what is amazing to me on there. It is Canon, Nikon  and a few Pentax fanatics, other than a pretty strong m4/3 group on there. Sony guys Always take a beating from the Canon guys LoL. I think Canon better wake the hell up, and soon, or Sony is going to eat their lunch, they already have ate Nikon's lunch. :grimace:

4 hours ago, HelsinkiZim said:

Ha ha... I think he was the first person to make us all think about 'alternative facts', aka 'how the fuck do we know what is real in the digital age?'.

The hubris (balls) to reappear are so unthinkable that he must be real. But then again...

Hence the current 'truth crisis'.

Yeah he is the Poster Child for the definition of a total digital age Bastard that you want to just punch as hard in the mouth that you can muster! The old "Hay Maker"

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10 hours ago, fuzzynormal said:

I suppose Mr. E could be a proxy for our era seen from a certain rationale.  But, deeper than all that, he's an selfish insecure narcissistic asshole.  Something tells me those types of folks have been around since time immemorial. 

And the hubris of Ed David leading the charge to reform him. Laughable.

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