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At a quarter of a million dollars, is this the lens pros have been waiting for?

Andrew Reid

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What is happening here? Recent articles include how much you love the 1dxii and how the Leica SL is your logical upgrade path, and now you write some sort of attempt at satire against high end cinema?

Hahaha! Very funny! Does it also come in an ANALmorphic version? ;-)

That's the thing about various gear or filmmaking "blogs" out there.   Most often it's dipshits like me spouting off on our anecdotal and biased experiences.  And there's nothing inherently wrong

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15 hours ago, mercer said:

and is it rectalinear?

HA-HA! rectalinear. 


4 hours ago, noone said:

Does it have a filter drawer so I can shove that in my ANUS?     Or do I have to screw it to my ANUS?



It has a built in ND filter on the rear of the lens. But from the sample shots i have seen the ND has a brown tinge to it. 

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17 minutes ago, Nikkor said:

 Wait till you see the new ENDOSCOPE 2X 8K Anamorphic primes, prepare your ANUS for the ultimate stretch.

But do they have a bulging front element? On the other hand people say it feels more rewarding without filtration anyway.

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