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The 4K Fuji X-T2 is here

Mattias Burling

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That is some horrible framerate conversion, and post image stabilization.
Why is is some shots converted to 30fps, and shot in who knows what framerate while others are shot in 30fps. At least some of the shots that was shot in 30fps looks decent apart from high shutter speed.

Rolling shutter is a compromise you have to work around, not throw it in to the worst situation and try fixing it in post. Upscaled 1080p would have been a better choice for some of the shots.

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Not seeing anything all that great about xt2 4K so far. Given how Fuji refines it's cameras after release it may get better. As of now I'd take the a6300 over the xt2. 

But with Photokina announcements coming in a week, and flagships from Panasonic, Olympus and whatever Sony has up its sleeve, I wouldn't do anything right now. 

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In stock in Sweden today. Im seriosly tempted due to the great colors and DR from the xpro2 but with higher res and less moire.

Whats holding me back is that I currently have no need for a digital stills camera and dont feel like paying for it. Plus a 5Dmkiii is half the cost of a xt2 + lens.

If I needed a hybrid this would be it.

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3 hours ago, Flynn said:

Not impressed by the color footage but this looks really nice.


I am a Newbie and I am new to this forum, so, please bear with me.

I have a theory, why we see bad footage on the internet. There are two kinds of people out there. Fuji camera owners, who are photographers in the first place and videographers who either are not familiar with Fuji-settings or they had the camera to a time, where the firmware didn't allow those settings.

The first kind of people are used to expose to the final result (due to the impressive jpeg-engine of the Fuji cameras). This results in crushed blacks and sometimes blown out highlights (sometimes because no ND-Filter was at hand).

In the fist incarnations of the firmware the settings for Highlight Tone and Shadow Tone were disabled. So, the second kind of people could not try it out and didn't know what will happen if it is enabled.

I have the camera now since Friday and I am pretty impressed with the footage (of course, I'm a Newbie, so what do I know). I use the following settings.

Film Sim: Pro Neg Std.
Highlight Tone: -2
Shadow Tone: -2
Color: -4
Sharpness: -4
Noise Reduction: -4
Fixed White Balance

Occasionally, I use other Film Simulations like Provia or Classic Chrome. And I use a variable ND-Filter to adjust to the highlights with the histogram in photo mode, then I switch to video mode. I usually focus manually, but I also tried auto focus. Right now I just checked with two lenses. With the 18-55 with OIS the autofocus was kind of ok. With the 56 (which is known for slow auto focus) AF was bad, so I focused manually with it.

In Resolve you can get a lot of information out of the footage and grade as you like. My footage is kind of embarrassing (just got out of bed, etc.) so I can't share anything now. I think it's worthwhile to wait for good footage from experts like Andrew to see nice Fuji colors and nice dynamic range.


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