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  1. Ive had a Fuji Xe2 for some time and im still enjoying it very much, one thing about Fuji is their Firmware updates are insanely good, it has completetly changed the camera from what it was when i first got it, Fuji colors are amazing, the bad thing in your case is having to buy a new line of lenses, and they are not on the cheap side, some are afordable but not cheap, i almost always use the 35mm 1.4 absolutely love this lens and it has a good price, the 18-55mm is a no brainer if you get it with the camera as you will have it for cheap and its not your normal kit lens, this thing is quality, not very fast, but quality and the IS for video is great. i also own the 10-24 great lens but only use it for real estate photography at the moment, but it would work great for video as it has IS, i have the 60mm but i really dont recommend it the AF is bad, very sharp but not worth it IMO, the new 23mm F2 feels like it would be great too. As for your lens choices the 16-55 2.8 would be the perfect all round lens IF it had IS, and the 50-140mm is on the expensive side and i really dont see so much uses for it, unless you really need the long range, for portraits the 56mm is just beautiiful, for video/stills i would go for 18-55mm for IS handheld, and a 35mm or 23mm to get started. hope this helps.
  2. Video starts at about 2 mins in, shot with ND filter.
  3. Some more random videos, the Out of this world one is recorded with ND, the rest i dont know, have to say byw images coming out of the Fuji are pretty sweet.
  4. Im in PAL land, and im watching on a 27" dell ultrasharp and on a secondary crappy benq 21" both 60Hz. i Just watched the video above on a smartphone and still notice the motion thing, its a little bit less noticeable but i feel that its because of screen size. cheers!
  5. I feel the same way, but knowing fujis philosophy, im waiting a bit for them to fix it in the next firmware update, also internal F-log.
  6. Yeah the post image stabilization is terrible and the shutter speed thing is a common thing in these videos shot by photographers, i hope Fuji start giving the cameras to video guys now they have decent video, only one that used a ND was the cinema5d guy.
  7. Another video i found, not 100% sure its the xt2 but looks like it could be.
  8. Check this out, image quality looks quite good, but i feel something strange in the motion.
  9. This would seem like a good option for the upcoming Fuji XT2, as it only records F-LOG via HDMI, or is it?
  10. Anyone else think its a bit strange that more than a week has gone by and no new XT2 video tests on the internet? have i missed anything?
  11. Hi guys first post around here, im mostly a video guy but love to take stills. the thing is being a Fuji "fan" and owning a XE2 and 4 fuji x lenses i really wanted this camera to be great. and on paper it sure looks like it, but after watching the footage around the internet i must say im disappointed. That video in japan: the forest lacks detail (looks mushy) and the blown-out highlights are ugly. i downloaded the Flog file from vimeo but as some people say it doesnt look good at all. Other samples seem to have a lot of compression artifacts. and overall micro-detail mushyness. the only images that look ok are the byw. and i mean ok, not great. I really hope it has something to do with pre-production samples, underdeveloped firmware, or just still guys doing video. I still havent lost my hopes but if "this is it" im probably going for a A7sII. what do you guys think? thanks! Dave.
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