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Should I wait for a blackmagic price Cut this summer?

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Oh, wait a minute, I'm getting something through...


I see... a shape... it's in the sky... no wait... it belongs on the sky but isn't... it's a STAR...

Let me get a clearer picture... "Please insert another 50 ct"

<inserts coin> Ah yes! The star isn't in the sky... it's on a tile on the floor... I think it must be the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Zach, as this is happening in the future, this must mean that you... you...

I see you playing tourist in LA. Get some napkins too. You're gonna spill some icecream on the Walk.

Zoltar thanks you and wishes you a prosperous future!

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I for one, am grateful for cinegain's humor. And I agree, sitting here waiting for a possible sale that has happened only ONCE before, is kind of silly. So either hold your horses another while and use what you already own, or just get what's available at the moment for the price it's sold. 995 for either pocket or micro cinema is actually really cheap considering value. Bmpcc's accessories today is really cheap too.

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46 minutes ago, jgharding said:

If I had a pound for every time I'd read "wait" and "Black Magic" together in the same thread, I could buy and Alexa 65.

But i thought "black magic" & "wait" were almost equivalent  for new products. You should have your Alexa by now :)

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