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Medium format video : Does it interest you?

Calum MacPhail

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There's been a lot of buzz recently with regards to the 65mm format, with its use on The Hateful 8, parts of The Revenant and I guess to a lesser extent the fantastic restoration of the 70mm print of Lawrence of Arabia.

Unfortunately the recently medium format Pentax was a bit of a flop video wise, but now with Fuji supposedly getting involved with their own cameras, (and their excellent pedigree in lenses for the format) could you see yourself using the format for filmmaking?

Ideally for me it would have to have 4K or higher, as one of the biggest draws of the larger format is the resolution. With more sensor manufacturers creating medium format sensors, I think there's a high chance for us to see a useable solution within the next couple of years and I just wondered who would be willing to make the investment in the bodies and the glass to expand their creative options (assuming the camera was under 15k)?



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Interests me? Yes. It's flippin' awesome. I love to watch that stuff.

Do I see myself shooting medium format? Nah. I don't even shoot fullframe. Perhaps some day far far away when that's the kinda thing I would be able to do on a project that would demand it... sure. But for now something like the BMPCC/BMMCC/GH4/G7/A6300 works for me. Atleast I don't have to worry how I'm going to cover that sensor with the appropriate image circle and can keep it really stupid bare essentials if need be.

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10 minutes ago, Zak Forsman said:

I have my eye on what Richard Gale is developing. And I believe his sensor technology is sourced from the same that's found in Blackmagic's Cinema and Pocket cameras.


Because it's a Blackmagic Pocket Camera filming a groundglass.


What about large format video? http://largesense.com/

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6 hours ago, araucaria said:

What about large format video? http://largesense.com/

Great find!  Holy cow!!


Gonzalo Ezcurra's E/Mini Cyclops cameras have a larger "sensor" than these Large Sense cameras, but 50micron-70micron pixels covering large format frames?!!! 


How did this guy make/find the sensors?  The rolling shutter is not bad at all.  I am guessing that these backs will cost a little if/when they go into production, but with the right price these things could move.


Very exciting!

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

A few LargeSense tests here

Seems to be able to shoot 2480x2160 at 24p as 16bit TIFFs to fast external SSDs, 





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The files are pretty crazy, it has no noise at all, every pixel sucks so much light there is no room for noise at baselevel.




9x11 inch high sensitivity, large pixel digital sensor (We tend to refer to it as 8x10 as that is the closest format that people search for.)

12 Mega Pixels

75 micron pixel size (these are very large and sharp compared to high resolution small format cameras)

Live view for easy focusing

WiFi for remote viewing and control

Video modes: (all progressive)

Up to 26 fps:

Full frame 3888 x 3072 and optional crop sizes: 3840 × 2160, 3840 x 1600, 1920 x 1080.

Optional full frame down sampling to 1920 x 1080 and 1280 x 720.

Up to 70 fps with pixel 2x2 pixel binning:

Full frame: 1944 x 1536 and optional cropping to 1920x1080.

Optional full frame down sampling to 1280 x 720.

Stereo sound recording inputs

Video output options TIFFs, DNGs, CinemaDNG, JPEGs, h.264

14 bit AD; 16 bit files

2 hardware ISO modes

Base ISO 2,100 - with IR filter - (approximate)

High ISO 6,400 - with IR filter - (approximate)


No CFA, no AA and no micro lenses. This allows large movements without affecting edge image quality.

Output to DNG, TIFF and JPEG.

Media: CF and SD card slots.

Tethered operation, by CAT5 cable or WiFi.

Rear movements can be done by putting the lens on a separate tripod.

Dust - The sensor is large and can pick up dust. It is easy to remove the bellows and clean the sensor. Also a white frame can be taken before a photo session which works very well in removing most dust. The white frame is incorporated into the camera software.

All specifications subject to change




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43 minutes ago, Hans Punk said:

Anyone else remember Red's 2009 NAB announcement?




Yes :( the price was super cheap, but it never happened...


Look at this shit, if he managed to focus better (it's a pain in the ass to focus correctly on a small screen) it would have been even more incredible. The fucking smoothness...


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37 minutes ago, Hans Punk said:

Anyone else remember Red's 2009 NAB announcement?




FWY, its not allowed to criticize Red or claim that they have missed deadlines on the internet, otherwise some Hummer driving dudes in Okleys will come to you're house...

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