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SLR Magic Anamorphic Lenses


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Seems like SLR magic will soon make available their new anamorphic lenses. I was pretty excited about these and was looking into ordering one. But after noticing the price, it seems I'll be staying out of anamorphic for a while longer. Just can't really justify it for what is pretty much a hobby for me.


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There is no taking lens on the new SLR Magic Anamorphic lenses. They are actual real anamorphic lenses.

These are the CHEAPEST anamorphics out there.

Anamorphics have always been astoundingly expensive.
An Angenieux Optimo 30-72mm T4 2S Anamorphic Zoom sells for $70,000 new.
A typical vintage Kowa Prominar 40mm Anamorphic will hit you about $16,000. ...that's used.

A Hawk Vantage V-Lite lens will rent for as much as $500 per day.....for ONE lens.

Always been like this.

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Price is stupidly expensive for the apparent quality. I agree with what others have said above, once you get in this price bracket your competing with the big boys like Cooke and Angenieux for rentals, and the cost is to close for anyone to choose these over those more professional choices.

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I don't really understand why the 1.33x lenses cost twice as much as the 2x lenses. Surely the 2x lenses are more difficult to manufacture? And the fact that the 1.33x lenses look more like 2x anamorphic than the 2x lenses is telling. I guess it's just an aperture mask to whittle the ovals down. Looks better than the weird diamond-shaped ovals on the 2x lenses. And as others have said, way too much distortion. Now, I don't want a totally rectilinear lens. The Arri Master anamorphics look just plain dull to me. But these lenses (both the 1.33 and the 2x) have way too much distortion considering the field of view. I've seen 25mm anamorphics with straighter verticals.

Anyway, for the cost of a set of these lenses, you can actually pick up a decent set of Lomo Squarefront these days, especially if you buy each lens separately. 35, 50 and 80mm.

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From a conversation I had with their marketing dept. via email. They don't plan on making 2x due to the cost of manufacturing it. So I guess 1.33x is all we will be seeing for now. 

Unless that is just their way of not releasing any info until they have a solid product ready to go.

For the price it's best to just rent it, that's if rental houses want to purchase these for rentals. 


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