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  1. It Cost $100 to swap the mounts. The info is on Sigma's website.
  2. I hope it the the taking lens creating the distortion! It is heavy!!! The price made me laugh...
  3. Souds good on paper, Pre orders are open! Pricing on the C300 MKII and new Canon Canon XC-10 4K Professional Camcorder http://www.adorama.com/CAC3002EF.html
  4. Andrew, cool video, but you are sometimes un intentionally technically "funny" How dare you compare any of the cameras when 1st: You have very low light on the set- 2: The cameras who is supposed to have the best high ISO results if equipped with a prime f/1.2 lens while the others have what fstop at what iso? - I won't even go further in the "Comparing Apple and Oranges attempt".. This is not a camera test, You should label the video "Multicam video with various dslrs, Iso, sensor size, apertures F stops, and codecs... The washed out color style with a blueish/ greenish/yellow undertone is an artistic choice that works for the set... So I won't compare colors between the cameras based on the music video. Keep it up!
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