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Ursa Mini 4.6K new footage and info...

John Emery

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On January 22, 2016 at 3:47 AM, HelsinkiZim said:

We forget that these days. These cameras are all powerful tools. We dwell in minutiae.

Certainly pros need to work in the specialized minutiae and hone their craft, but I do think it's a bit silly when a naive hobbyist with a t2i tries to shoot raw with expensive lenses, and then attempts to apply advanced LUT's to footage --when they can't even yet figure out how to point a light in a meaningful way, frame an interesting composition, or structure a story with any compelling cohesion.

I guess it's just easier to be technical than creative.

Well, I don't 'guess' in my case, anyway.  I know it is for a fact.


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5 hours ago, John Emery said:

All fears are starting to dissipate... colors, DR, decent low light/ noise. It all looks spot on...



I registered a few days ago on bmcuser just to watch these new images. Apparenty it takes like a week to get activated, until then you can't see them.

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I am also not sure what DBounce means, but I guess it must have to do with the fact (see description) that this was recorded in 60fps, which, if played back at this speed or "only" in 30fps, never looks filmic but (what's the correct english term?) videoish. See the discussions on The Hobbit - An Unexpected Stinker. This image looks clean, almost cleansed, as if Neat had been applied.

Clearly the darker version is more pleasing because of the highlight clipping in the brighter one. On film, the random positions of the crystals would have rendered a soft roll-off. So perhaps Julian graded on a 10-bit monitor and couldn't judge how this would look on 8-bit Vimeo (the information was there, he could have and should have used another curve). One also can apply one of Tiffens excellent software ProMist (EDIT: or rather White Diffusion?, there are hundreds of useful tools) filters, free trial without watermark.

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If you haven't seen this... check it. I just don't see what people are not seeing. I personally don't think a Red or Alexa would have looked any better. There are amazing things coming from this camera. As I've said, this sensor is going to change the world, ultimate playing field leveler. 

Password 'ursa'


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