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Your ideal NX1 Settings

Geoff CB

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50 minutes ago, kattouf said:

wonderful!  were these shot handheld or do you have a rig of some sort? i realize 60 smooths things out a bit.. Bought already few days ago! :-) no i just need to use them!

Thank you! Let me know how they work for you :D 

I only shoot handheld, I find monopods/tripods and gimbals too troublesome for any run and gun shoot, I do use them for planned shoots though.

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22 minutes ago, timmyturntable said:

They look nice on my footage too :)  Thanks, Ricardo!!!





Great! How are you liking the whole pack?

Aspen is the softest of the bunch, so its probably the best for babies and portraits.

I just finished another lut that I will add to the bunch (I think the people who bought it, will receive an email with the new updated pack). This lut will also be free for download for everyone, i've received countless messages on people wanting to try them out, so this might be a good alternative.

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On 11/21/2016 at 1:35 PM, Marco Tecno said:

#1 is the ooc one.


#6 and the last one are both the neutal lut. The latter adjusted in shadows and highlights. 

Yeah, those look off. I am assuming those are with the 16-235 luts? I tried to make a baseline correction for the 0-255 luts to work in 16-235 (so I could stack the other node/grades on, instead of rebuilding) and tested it out on one video with the chart. Guess they didn't scale properly, sorry about that.

One thing I am working on how I want to handle is skintone accuracy for each lut, and how the luts work with my settings for high dynamic range vs lower contrast scenes (studio lit interview, about 6 to 7 stops).

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17 hours ago, kattouf said:

I like using LUTs in photoshop, here is a photo i took today with the ricardo's Lisbon Lut at about 50%. It turned the sky completely white to i added gradient mask to the sky to keep the original sky colours. Shot some videos too, might make a montage and upload it



SAM_5566_DxO (Large).jpg


How are you liking them so far ? Lisbon have the luminence on the blues higher than normal, so skies might stay slightly bright.

Im just finishing a couple of new luts that will be added to the pack, so everyone who has already the pack will be able to go get the new ones for free obviously. If you guys have any recommendations or other looks that you'd love to see, i'd like to know :D 

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On 11/30/2016 at 1:04 PM, ricardo_sousa11 said:

Hi everyone!

Good news, heres the free lut so everyone can try and enjoy. IF you havent checked my lut pack yet, please do so, also please follow me on Sellfy!

Let me know what you guys think!


Where can I get the free LUT?

I am planning on buying you LUT pack sometime in the very near future I am currently just swamped with work.

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On 4.7.2016 at 7:37 PM, kidzrevil said:

thank you @August McCue !

+15 mbl , -4 saturation, -3 contrast (NEVER drop the contrast lower than the saturation), -10 sharpness (slightly sharpened in post) and 0-255 luma range.

lens used was the Contax Zeiss 50mm f1.4 AEJ

Why is it so bad to drop contrast lower than the saturation? I've got good results leaving saturation at 0 and lowering contrast to -3.

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