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  1. I read the description in YouTube and you mention that you hit the "auto" button in Premiere. I've tested it only once or twice and the results haven't been good. It might be what ruined your colors. Maybe apply only Leeming and nothing else (or maybe just lift exposure if blacks are too dark)?
  2. I use Leeming LUT in every project. If you take screenshot of that YouTube video and check it for example in Photoshop with eyedropper tool, you can see that RGB values of the dark areas are 000, so there is absolutely no information left. It's not even just the darkest bits, it's all the large dark areas.
  3. 5D Mark II changed everything, I got it 2010 so it's this decade for me. I had NX1 and GH5 and those were great, but the impact wasn't the same (and GH5 colors are off). Ronin-S comes close though, it gave so much freedom to how to use the camera. XT3 is also superb becouse you can use the Provia setting and get really good image straight out of camera.
  4. That is really nice! May I ask what grain do you use?
  5. I just received X-T3 and I can't find any way to record simultaneously to both SD cards. Backup recording seems to affect still images only. Is this the truth or is there something I'm missing? 2 card slots are a waste if there is no way to use them for backup recording.
  6. Does this work with both 150 Mbps and 400 Mbps modes? I bought the daylight version and it seems nice!
  7. Hene1

    GH5 V-Log test

    No luts, just these curves: First image 8 bit 50 fps (1/100 shutter), others 10 bit 25 fps (1/50).
  8. Hene1

    gx85 to gh5?

    I have them both and I actually like GX80 colors more. 50 fps 4K is for me the only reason GH5 is a better choice (and to be honest GH5 looks more like a professional camera, as GX80 looks more like a turist toy). I find V-Log unusable colorwise and I don't see a big difference between 10 bit and 8 bit footage.
  9. How do you attach GX80/85 to tripod? I can't fit the GX80 to Manfrotto tripods when using Olympus 7-14 2.8 Pro. Makes the camera a little bit useless.
  10. Panasonic press conference today at 2 pm and Sony 3 pm. Blackmagic tomorrow 9.30 am. http://www.nabshow.com/for-press/news-conferences
  11. https://alphauniverse.com/stories/sony-s-new--9-camera-revolutionizes-the-professional-imaging-market/
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-NTv0CdFCk Lana Del Rey's new music video looks amazing. Film grain comes trough exceptionally well considering the source is YouTube. Does anyone know how to get film grain look something like that? I have gorilla grain and filmconvert but the film grain with those is much too clean. Filmconvert with 8 mm settings is also way too blurry.
  13. Samsung NX1 in much softer in Cinema 4K mode than in UHD mode.
  14. What if the problem isn't with the cameras, but the sun instead. Aliens are building a base in there, sun is just so bright that we don't usually see it.
  15. Why is it so bad to drop contrast lower than the saturation? I've got good results leaving saturation at 0 and lowering contrast to -3.
  16. "We [recorded in] ProRes. In our testing we found that the benefits of shooting Raw didn’t necessarily apply to what this film needed. The ALEXA’s latitude (when shooting ProRes) was enough without going down the post-production path with Raw." https://www.premiumbeat.com/blog/cameras-and-lenses-behind-2017-oscar-nominated-films/ So it turns out you can get 8 Oscar nominations (including the cinematography) without shooting RAW or film.
  17. I threw up in my mouth a little bit watching that. That lighting scenario is very easy for the camera, its whole different story in natural light.
  18. I agree with DPC and Gerbert Floor. There is no commercial potential in this footage, as it is.
  19. I think the GoPro/Karma looks way way better, what comes to color and motion. Stabilization on Mavic doesn't seem to be that great, you can see a lot of jello/jitter.
  20. It looks like there is huge amount of noise reduction. There is no skin texture left. Looks wrong.
  21. In Red Epic Dragon 6K is 19,4 megapixels.
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