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  1. Prices are not fixed, they need to go i bought into new system, just make an offer i might take it. Just pm what u r willing to pay. I did a quick search and online they are about: S lens 600euros -maybe more? 30mm 200 85mm 500 45mm 300 Cage 50 Metz 44-1 flash 50-200- 200euros Plus around 20 euro shipping.
  2. All in working condition no scratches. 50-200 has some dust specks inside. Pm me with a reasonable prices plus ~20Euro shipping. SEPA payment. Thanks! /J
  3. the problem came back but too suspect its the mode dial. Turning it a few times SEEMS to get rid of the issue so annoying!
  4. Nice julian! some nice clean shots there. good luck with the movie! Note the dialogue of actors in the trailer is very low volume, maybe check that.
  5. I was realy struggling with this issue. fixed accidentally by upgrading to 1.41 then downgrading to 1.40. (make sure you are in AUTO mode when flashing)
  6. Hello, I am having the same problem on nx1. It is very clear that the exposure flickers even in full manual mode even MF . Firmware is 1.40 it's ruining my videos! I will try to reflash the firmware maybe that helps, already Reset the camera with no difference.
  7. Amazing! i liked the edit FLOW and the beginning mostly. Story wise it drifted a little into the wilderness. Techncially awesome though. Did you use DIS? Clearly exposed for the highlights, in one or two scenes i think you could have sacrificed it a little to gain some shadow but no biggie. Really great work can't believe it came out of the nx1. I will need to take my out now and play with it some more! well done
  8. Hello Ronnie, did you get fix for the issues? any firmware updates? (where to find them?) The sharpness glitch is annoying thanks /J
  9. I posted above. fw 1.66. I have the Sharpness setting being reset issue. Zebra setting works but it is reversed. I have to set it to 10IRE for it to work like 90IRE . It's odd. I wanted to ask you about the battery charger. Does the LED turn green when it finishes charging? I left mine for 2 hours and it was still red but battery was 100% charged.
  10. Do let us know what they say. I emailed them too about the sharpness setting.
  11. I just received the fw760 today (firmware 1.66). I haven't noticed any issues with it (samsung NX1) but after reading this post i confirm that Sharpness is reset after Focus peaking is toggled. At 1920x1080 there is no latency as far as i see. Maybe at 4k but i have no plans to use that. One small thing that happened is that the Zebra IRE setting got reversed. I had it set to 90IRE and after messing with the menu for a while that got reversed so i have to set it to 10 IRE to achieve same effect. :-) Other than that i see nothing wrong with this monitor, great value. The Aperture monitor only has 70/80 IRe, i have no idea what the NX1 uses but i liked the ability to set it to whatever i wanted. That and the price.
  12. Shot this today in wind and rain. My nx1 got drenched! Used a cheapo ND4 filter at 100fps. Aspen lut at 100% but custom curve. Exposed for highlights.. I too would love a more contrasty pack...
  13. romanian, with a handheld gimbal Beholder DS1
  14. Hey Ricardo, i would love a cinematic lut, like the osiris m31. I am doing a short film and i tried that one but it cuases too much banding. Tried the RedRock one and it worked great but i might go with the m31 look, would be nice to have one that does cause banding.
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