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  2. I was only kidding about the external ProRes RAW thing obviously. Its internal ProRes RAW really.
  3. Prores RAW on most Sony cameras of the past 5 years??!! That would be something.. I wouldn't give more than 1/1000 for the a6500 or A7ii to get such feature, and that is because only fools believe in 0 chances! If I was a fool I would say that it is in no way possible. Maybe @IronFilm. Is into something..
  4. China was perhaps trusted too much... they are still a hostile power. While I understand that the NSA has backdoors in most smart hardware... including lightbulbs and microwave ovens; the NSA is not considered a hostile power to those living in the western world. It's unlikely that they will steal you credit card information, or bank account info. China is yet another story. I understand that many here like Huawei phones, but how many here would like their phone to be used to remotely initiate a cyber attack unbeknownst to them? Such an incident could leave the owner of the device with some difficult explaining to do. I'll pass, I don't need to expose myself to that kind of liability. Truly random numbers can be generated on a smartphone by using data from the sensors to seed the PRNG. You can do this in java or kotlin. It's an extra step, which means more time to code. The original issue arose from that fact that the PRNG utilized non-random seed values (serial numbers etc...). If you know the seed value used by the PRNG, and you know the algorithm used to generate the random key, well you can crack the code. It's all in what you are securing and how secure it needs to be.
  5. Close is a real stretch here though. Nowhere near the DR, colors, latitude or that 3D pop the Alexa gives. But agree the camera is too heavy to handle without any crew/the needed support.
  6. Well it still in developing stages, but from the looks of it there is still quite some work to get it in the mavo lf range. Didnt knew it needed that much tweaking for each camera individual, as I understand a lot of people are getting good results with the zcam E2 4K.
  7. To stay at forum language, potential and choices of USA world policy more and more look to me as imitation of Canon mirrorless camera adventure. (Maybe in war nobody wins, but somebody lose more.)
  8. I much refer images I get from the P4K than the GH5. Both are fantastic cameras but the P4K has much better colours, skin tones and dr to my eye... saying that trust your own judgement!
  9. Post link to these great "like new" sales on the Z series. What's the price of the GH5 right now or EOS-R? You basically are saying the same-thing that you said sorry for.
  10. Today
  11. Really, the Alexa is impractical for most people and I agree with Ed that there are better buys even at £5k It has such a nice image but easy to make an impulsive decision based on the name. This might even get you close to the image for MUCH less https://cvp.com/product/z-cam-e2c-4k-cinematic-camera And RED Dragon 6K getting down towards £6k now. Worth keeping an eye out for those. Much lighter at 2.2kg, so more like an Alexa Mini. And much more res plus a better raw codec, all internal.
  12. I just asked the man in the camera shop what it was for and he said its for the upcoming ProRes RAW output. Or he may have been giving me directions to the toilet. I dunno, my Japanese is limited to asking if that price is tax free.
  13. Apple and Google phones don't real generate random numbers, which are necessary for secure encryption. Government backdoor right there. I am sure these US bluechip companies are thrilled at the empty order book thanks to Donald Tit. Intel for example is set to lose potentially billions of dollars over next few years in lost Chinese orders. That Trump has so many people believing in his business skills is a neat trick. Unravelling the entire US economy is his other lesser known neat trick and this is the start of it. Huawei can afford to lose Qualcomm as can other companies. Snapdragon is replaced by Kirin 980 already in the P30 Pro and many other handsets and I can personally vouch for how fast it is. However, if the Chinese wanted to withdraw a few services.... Let's say "manufacturing"... Where does that leave important US tech giants like Apple and Google? What if Foxconn closed the order books on those companies? And on RED? A trade war is like any other war. Nobody wins.
  14. Me too! So much knowledge packed into such a short amount of time, they're deceptively simple too.
  15. That's actually a good advice, I watched some of Juan Melaras videos on repeat
  16. Hi all Enjoying using this profile. Just want to check for best settings without being totally flat (s-log). I've presently got it on Cine2 and Pro. a7iii. I do find the highlights can get a bit blown quickly and I'm doing weddings, so a *lot* of white. Do we think Cine2 and Pro are best settings?
  17. Jeez, you guys are harsh.... he does a couple of side things the wrong way and so you throw away what was (for me) the point of the whole video - the layer of skin tones put back over the LUT to get a believable result even if you have a strong grade. That's why I posted it. I agree that not converting to rec709 properly wasn't the right way to start, I agree that smoothing then blurring the skin wasn't a nice thing to do either, but if you're going to discount someone because they did that then go watch Juan Melaras videos on repeat because no other youtuber meets your standards. I've watched hundreds and hundreds of grading videos and I'm pretty sure I've seen every YT colourist do either one or both of those things on their channels before!! 😆😆😆
  18. I didn't watch all of it, but he doesn't seem to convert S-Gamut to Rec.709. I know that he has skills and a good reputation, but I always find it amateurish when people apply some contrast and forget about the gamut.
  19. Huawei just like Xiaomi, have all those services, which are offered by the respective companies. Last time when I got a phone from Honk Kong, it didn't come with A1 nor did they have any google-aps, and those companies only recently started using it, on some of their phones, so it is really not a big deal continuing without google-apps. What you think of is (and it seems the intended misleading information refers to) Android One, which can't be modified by the vendors. This is something, which only recently stared being used more widely, and it is rather a strike against Google, as this will definitely hurt their market share. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Android_One The news (unconfirmed) that "Qualcomm, Intel, Broadcom break ties, too" is much more concerning, and this, if true, will probably be the official start of the global economic wars.
  20. No, it's more of a "until we can control these who spy on our citizens, then it's fine" type of thing. Which is understandable but I agree with you.
  21. Yes, sorry, I was bit exaggerating with "half". But here are some numbers (roughly) : the brand new kit z6 + ftz + 24-70 was somewhere between 2800/3000€ , depending on the shop, at the beginning of December. 5 months later, you can find it used, in "like new" condition, for below 2000€ (but mostly around 2000/2100€). Plus, there is right now rebates that pull down those prices. I find it to be quite a quick fall. If I remember well, Andrew wrote in an article that he got troubles selling its Z7, even by cutting a lot the price. Anyway, it is really good for buyers 😄 !
  22. Those are routers, not phones. Most, if not all, other manufacturers do the same.
  23. I was thinking the same... Not talking about Microsoft hegemony over the pc world ahah. Just my feelings and opinion, but: given all the tentacular monster companies from the US that live on "spying", collecting data, selling them etc. (not talking about that : https://www.expressvpn.com/blog/8-ways-the-nsa-spies-on-you/ plus, should we talk about Snowden ? ) and all the disastrous implications for the future... seeing all this mess as a government action to protect consumers and security, is, to me , as surprising as buying trump's idea that by massively arming people it would prevent mass murdering...
  24. Alas, it seems to me not so "totally" fine... if you, as authoritative expert, claim that same people "mistake the artefacts of the DNG debayer as sharpness. Its not that the cDNG debayer is necessarily keeping more details, but it IS creating false detail". Maybe because of my missing language subtleness, but I don't quite understand what does mean phrase "not necessarily..." in given case... Does cDNG debayer keeps more details or not, or it does keep sometimes and sometimes not, does it always - as "IS" suggests - creates false detail, does Braw corrects that creating of false detail?
  25. This certainly had to do with pressure from Apple, Snapdragon and a host of other American IT Companies whose profits are plummeting, and whose future looks bleak, thanks to Chinese companies who have dethroned hundreds of those. Snapdragon can openly abuse monopoly and laws in the US, but the same is not possible all over the world. And accusing Huawei of espionage is hilarious. Google and Facebook and all major silicon valley companies are spying on you 24x7. They probably know more about you than you would. I have been wanting more Operating System Platforms than iOS and Android for the longest, and users should have the ability to choose which operating system to have on their smartphones, and not be locked into one for life (of the device, much like MS and Apple). I hope Huawei, Samsung and Sony create a parallel OS, which is more refined than what Android is right now, and that smartphones start actually replacing professional cameras soon enough. Snapdragon is good, but abusing monopoly is unacceptable. Also, if HTC, Samsung (whose market dominance was attacked by attempting to false jail their CEO), Sony, Huawei, Redmi, One Plus ever start challenging iPhone ot Snapdragon or whoever else, will they suffer the same fate? Who decides what's fair and what isn't? Ideally I hope this goes to the international court of justice and Google loses billions.
  26. That is strange. I used the GH5 once, and skin tones did not look any better than on my GX85. I used 2 bmpcc4K cams once (together with the GX85), and the skin tones looked dramatically better. Both conditions indoor, on a big (classical) concert stage. Still waiting for the p4k to become available ... Luckily rental is quite cheap (but you do not get the Resolve license of course)
  27. actually there is nothing i like about it. the grading looks bad to me but the worst is what he does to the models poor face. look at it, she looks like a freak, well it is an exemple of what you can do so i hope he doesn't produces videos with faces like that. look at the image coming from the video, she looks like an alien to whom you added eyes and mouth. there are better ways to do that. it like in photoshop, you can remove everething and a lot of people tend to do that because once you started you can't stop but what's the result ? wax skin and alien look.
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