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Your ideal NX1 Settings

Geoff CB

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I noticed a few things yesterday while trying all kinds of modes.

I Gamma C and Gamma DR modes the camera wants to expose darker, I locked everything except the shutter speed and when engaging from Normal Gamma to C or DR the camera consistently wants to shoot with a faster shutter speed.

The same thing happens while using SmartRange+ -mode, the shutter speed goes faster with everything else staying the same. My totally uneducated guess is that in these modes it exposes lower and lifts the exposure before going to codec.

I shot in 0-255 I have been using RockyMountains Movie Converter. I transcoded the clips to ProRes422HQ and downscaled to 1080p. In DaVinci Resolve I need to adjust the Clip Attributes and manually select that the range is PC (0-255 or 0-1023) and not Video (16-235). The Auto option interprets the clips as Video.

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I took some screenshots from Resolve and the PNG file using Video-setting in Clip Attributes makes bigger PNG-files. My assumption is then that it has more detail in it when using Full-setting in Clip Attributes.

I filmed in 0-255 and used RockyMointains converter to convert to ProRes, apparently RockyMountains converter then converts it to 64-940?

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46 minutes ago, cojocaru27 said:

Normal gamma, and mostly Ricadro's settings. Enjoy :


I really like this as well. I love the detail and sharpness. I also would like to know the lens.

To save time from looking through the forum what are Ricardo's Setting you used and did you use any LUTS in PP or just graded it yourself?

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thank you so much for the kind words everyone. All i had with me was the nx1 body paired with 16-50s and a very unstable and cheap tripod, had to upgrade it btw cause i missed a lot of shots because of it. Sometime i used the tripod folded as a rig for better camera grip and stabilization. In terms of settings i have used Normal Gamma with sat -5, sharpness -10 and contrast -3. I had MB at plus 9. I did the edit in Final Cut Pro X where i just tweaked the exposure wherever was the case and apply an m31 LUT at 50% and warmed the overall look and feel by a notch. that's all i did. Thank you again for the support and the nice feedback. i put my heart to it and it seems that got to u which makes me proud. cheers.

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35 minutes ago, jacoblewis said:

And how are people recommending you grade it?

i don't think there is a recipe for grading, usually people try to get a certain look they favor or like. I for example, i kept the in nice warm colors from the camera and add a M31 Lut on top at 50% transparency. But it's a matter of taste after all.

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The NX1 is the gift that keeps on giving man. Im really considering getting the 16-50s to get the most out of the cam... and let that be my personal kit. 

Anyway this was shot with a contax zeiss 45mm f2.8 and a tiffen ultra contrast filter


1 hour ago, MountneerMan said:

How do you set sat, sharp, and contract with Normal Gamma? Do you use the picture profile?

Yeah. Normal gamma uses the picture profile you have selected for stills

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