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  1. Luca did you ever finish your 30mm autoadapter?
  2. Mr. Luca did you finish the af-adapter from 30mm lense?
  3. Thanks a lot, I'm interested in those others too. How do you manage the different squeeze?
  4. I don't have any experience with anamorphic adapters yet. Do all front adapters change the ratio of squeeze with focusing? I'm mostly interested in Kowa or Cinelux/Blue Star.
  5. Haven't seen that happen, I would try everything in manual including SmartRange.
  6. That looks like a high quality pro lense.
  7. Maybe with ISO100 it's trying to cram too wide of a dynamic range to the video.
  8. "there was a guy who managed to make the Samsung communicate with Canon lenses with a conversion board." I think it's the same guy who made the Rocky Mountains Movie Converter. Looking at his site and videos it seems he can control both EF and NX lenses via Arduino. To me it seems he could be very close in making an active adapter if he has time and motivation.
  9. To my understanding (reading posts by kinoseed, ottok, vasile) I don't think that's possible. I-Zoom is a digital zoom that's available on some lenses, but it seems to work for JPEG for at least the lense I tried that doesn't support it. I now found out that it isn't supposed to work on video so I don't think it will be of any use. On JPEGs it goes from 1x to 2x.
  10. i-Zoom works for stills without an i-Zoom lense if controlled from app nx. Would be more useful if we got it to work with video. Do you have any experience if it's supposed to work on video?
  11. The burst setting seems to be for a different mode that's not on the left dial. [root@drime5 ~]# st cap capdtm setusr 9 0x90005 UserData is set [root@drime5 ~]# st cap capdtm getusr 9 UserData is DRIVE_BURST (0x90005) [root@drime5 ~]# st cap capdtm setusr 10 0xa0000 UserData is set [root@drime5 ~]# st cap capdtm getusr 10 UserData is BURSTRATE_RATE30FPS (0xa0000) It's possible to set the Drive to Burst (Conti High is the 15fps mode) but when takin a photo the camera always wants to use the one selected from the dial. So whatever mode is put (even the ones on the dial) it uses the one on the dial.
  12. I was playing around with settings on NX1: I noticed I could set colorspace to Galaxy: [root@drime5 ~]# st cap capdtm setusr 48 3145730 UserData is set [root@drime5 ~]# st cap capdtm getusr 48 UserData is COLORSPACE_GALAXY (0x300002) Whatever that is, the other ones were SRGB and AdobeRGB ----------------------- I could use the iZoom feature: [root@drime5 ~]# st cap capdtm getusr 67 UserData is IZOOM_X1 (0x430000) There were multiple zoom factors, it zooms on the LCD screen but the photos don't show it and it didn't work with video, maybe with some settings it could work. ------------------------ I could set the burst rate to 30fps. [root@drime5 ~]# st cap capdtm setusr 10 655360 UserData is set [root@drime5 ~]# st cap capdtm getusr 10 UserData is BURSTRATE_RATE30FPS (0xa0000) It shoots with burst but I don't think the camera did 30fps, sounded like 15fps.
  13. How does one actually go and make a digital camera? Are they build around evaluation boards with custom software, controllers etc?
  14. Wouldn't using a rear 2x adapter and a 2x front adapter work the same?
  15. Yeah, I was testing in manual mode. I just tried something suggested on this thread for hdr video: changing iso for every other frame during video recording and combining them for hdr. Magic Lantern has a mode like that.
  16. Here's what I tried. It changes the iso from 100 to 800 after one sec. Correct value should be the 1/framerate, I think. But even with 1 sec it crashes when recording video. #!/bin/bash while true do /usr/bin/st cap capdtm setusr 5 0x50001 sleep 1 /usr/bin/st cap capdtm setusr 5 0x5000a sleep 1 done
  17. I tried to use a HDR script that switches iso. I only tried to change it 1 times per second and still it stops/crashes the recording very quickly. I was planning to try switching with a gap of 0.04 but didn't since the slow one crashed immediately. I measured how much an ISO change usually takes and it linux tool time gave a sys reading of 0.02 sec to 0.06 sec. My skills aren't enough to diagnose why it crashed the recording.
  18. How is the super anamorphic progressing?
  19. I use this script for downscaling to 1080p 10-bit. It was done by karl from Personal View: It works with 0-255.
  20. Here would be a script HDR if someone dares to test. I am not sure if the ISO and number need to be as hex. #!/bin/bash while true do /usr/bin/st cap capdtm setusr ISO 100 sleep 0.04 /usr/bin/st cap capdtm setusr ISO 800 done
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