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For sale ! Kowa Prominar 16-H + redstan clamps set


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-----------------SOLD---------------------------- Thank you !----------------------------------------------


Hi guys !


I don't need to explain how great this particular model is, arguably the best from Kowa.


Unfortunately, it doesn't fit my work , mostly TV projects, so it has been sitting in my bag for 6 months now...

Before i decide to put this set on ebay, i'd rather make someone of the community happy ;)


-Kowa Prominar Anamorphic 16-H (2x) serial number 53695 (Purchased in Tokyo)

As you can see on the pics, the lens is in great condition. No external scratch on the body, the glass is clear and the focus ring is smooth. With original front & rear caps.


-Redstan lens clamp (red) This is the model for the 16-H, a perfect fit (rear thread becomes 62mm)

-Redstan front filter , perfect fit as well (front thread becomes 72mm)


For those who like, i'll give as present (not a big deal...) :

-one diopter Kenko N0.05 (f2000)

-one 72mm cap

-one 49mm to 62mm step-up ring


Asking price: 600 USD (Shipping by EMS & insurance included)

Please contact me

-----------------SOLD---------------------------- Thank you !----------------------------------------------



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