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  1. That exactly ;) The only thing the BMCC shares with a mirror-less camera like the gh3 or nex-6 is the form factor.   We can't just compare its video performance saying "look at what you can get for 1000$ " while totally ignoring the still performances.  So looking at the pictures of your article, i see apples and oranges.   But i guess that's exactly what Black magic design marketing guys had in mind ;)
  2. What a great choice of music, you just made my day ;)
  3. Somebody has to say it, so i'll go first. 2012: BMCC (Black Magic Cinema camera) 2013: MLCC (Magic Lantern Cracked camera)
  4. Those Odyssey 7/7Q are a marvel of technology, reading the specs list i still can't believe thay were able to fit that much is such a small package. That price point in pair with the possibility  to rent the recording codecs, in my humble opinion, this is as revolutionnary as the BMCC for this industry.   Also, it is really nice to see Sony opening up to 3rd party manufacturers like that for a change. They seem ok to cannibalize a bit their own much more expensive new recorder, i guess they cater it for the f5/f55 crowd anyway.   @Husah is right, the fs700 will drop in pric
  5. Whatever comes out on the specs side, this exagonal prototype is really neat !   If the new mount on the DSLR is something  kind of "universal", that could be very interesting.    Anyway, Sony is clearly showing they continue to push forward their pro-sumer/pro video line-up, that's the good news!
  6. -----------------SOLD---------------------------- Thank you !----------------------------------------------   Hi guys !   I don't need to explain how great this particular model is, arguably the best from Kowa.   Unfortunately, it doesn't fit my work , mostly TV projects, so it has been sitting in my bag for 6 months now... Before i decide to put this set on ebay, i'd rather make someone of the community happy ;)   -Kowa Prominar Anamorphic 16-H (2x) serial number 53695 (Purchased in Tokyo) As you can see on the pics, the lens is in great condition. No external sc
  7. Since  the costume and prop departments working on The Hobbit are the top of the cream and already did their very best, i guess it is safe to assume that 48fps is just too challenging for Fantasy movies...   Remembering some the excellent BTS series online, i couldn't count how many times you hear the make-up/set artists (discretely) complain about 48fps and the need to do everything more in red (somehow because the camera)   I agree with Andrew, i think an hyper-real life thriller would be awesome! "super-realistic" and truely immersive movie could be a new trend, kind of The e
  8. Sorry if you misunderstood me.  I was just talking about the comparison made on the sensors sizes, as was Andrew i believe, not the codec nor how RAW and 8bit h.264 compare to film. Or course the BMCC is more filmic, but that wasn't the topic ;)   I believe the problem adressed by many people regarding the sensor size isn't so much about DOF than about access to a variety of good & affordable lenses. I guess it isn't so much of an issue if you already own a Micro 4/3 camera & glass. But many (ex)DSLR shooters, which are the main market for a 3.000$ price range camera, already
  9. Black Swan wasn't shot on the BMCC, i don't understand why you keep bringing that up.  It's like defending the 7D Aps-c sensor idea by pointing to any good looking Hollywood movie shot on S35 -_- Not to mention it is Film... 
  10. +1 for that :)   Andrew, i understand you are a very passionate person, but i believe your inconditional love for the BMCC and recent hatred towards Canon is slightly biasing your comments. That beeing said, i believe the c300 is a great camera , but not really a "cinema"  camera. With the broadcast friendly internal codecs and recording media, form factor and all, it is clearly aimed at ENG/documentary...The price is expensive, but it is for people who can make a living out of it, so not such a big deal.   Regarding the BMCC sensor size, it is an issue for many people whether y
  11. I have high hopes from ML guys, they already did so much !
  12. Wow, thanks Andrew !! I'm curently grading multicam footage from a couple of canon XA10 (AVCHD) and i must say you made my day (or week!) Many thanks!
  13. Very exited about this little wonder ;) Apparently, ND & CPL filters on the way: http://cheesycam.com/nd-or-cpl-filters-for-sony-rx100/ No more excuses to miss a good shot !!
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