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Sci Fi Anamorphic short

Zeek Earl

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Shot out in the Hoh Rainforest. Heavily used the Kenko .3 105mm diopter. Edited in Adobe Premiere.

Posted in the anamorphic forum and then realized it should have gone here (sorry!)[/size][/color][list]
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dude, this looks really fucking good.

did you grade this with resolve? really excellent color. i cannot believe it was shot on a 5d. if i wasn't already sold on anamorphic, shit, i am now.

my main critical note was that the dof seemed a bit too shallow for a western feel, but then i read that you were planning to shoot this on the bmcc. second to that, i would say that movement wise, the camera felt a bit too embodied. what i mean is, most shots were pov. when i think of westerns i think of little movement other than tilts, pans, the occasional dolly/crane, handheld action sequences if stuff gets really crazy, and of course, the ever cheesy snap zoom. (i hate those). obvi that is a purely stylistic decision, "sci-fi western" need not apply to camera movement, and this is only test footage but, it's something i've been a pretty turned off by when watching other modern westerns, and thought it was worth mentioning.

im not a western buff, or even a film buff, but i've always appreciated the links between spaghetti westerns, samurai movies, and yasujiro ozu's work. Damn, there's some extreme humanity that can happen in that spectrum.

anyways, great stuff, i enjoyed it. hope you get your bmcc soon.
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