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  1. Curious if anyone has experience with the new rMBP and 4k. Both in editing and display. As far as editing, this video seems to show multiple ProRes 4k streams being handled with aplomb: Display wise, there is some debate online whether the machine can actually display 4k 60p footage as per the DisplayPort 1.2 spec included in the Thunderbolt 2 ports on the laptop. (hdmi 1.4 is verified @ 24p 4k in specs and use cases) I'm interested because I need a laptop for use in the field now (mostly 1080 60p), but these new MacBooks are so expensive that buying one will mean postponing a dedicated 4k PC build for a while. I'm also itching to buy a 4k TV, but will need something to drive it... Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Has anyone been able to find video samples from the A7r yet?
  3. It is a camera, but its not from Canon.
  4. I like these lights quite a bit. Have been using them for maybe 8 months now. I know Switronix sells them with an f970 battery and charger in some countries - it's worth noting that with the supplied charger, it can take AN ENTIRE DAY to charge up a battery from 0%. Well over 8 hours. So, if you need these for a fairly fast paced environment, you may want to give some thought to power solutions.   Also, they occasionally go on sale, and the price does seem to be dropping. Last year B&H had a black friday sale on them. At the time, they were at their full msrp ($379) and discounted to $259.
  5. zaz


    I'm curious what you guys use to bag up all your gear. I'm doing an out of town project soon, and am thinking about buying a new bag/case. I have a Crumpler Karachi large currently, and have always found it to be cumbersome and low-capacity. Minimally I'd like room for 2 bodies, 5 lenses, an audio recorder, a video mic, a rocket air, a laptop, and a way of carrying a tripod. It also needs to be fully stowable on a plane. Currently, I'm leaning towards a Think Tank Airport Commuter, maaaaybe a Pelican 15xx. What do you like? What do you hate?
  6. miranda interviewed on the ASC Podcast: http://podbay.fm/show/259748235/e/1354772437
  7. This is not a project to compete with ANYTHING currently on the market. At the moment there is no full frame sensor head that could actually compete with a 5dmkii or even a 1dc, and there never will be until the demand is there. But you know damn well that camera users from web producers to Hollywood DP's would most certainly throw down for something like that if it were available. What jarrett is working on today is just an early early stepping stone towards a vastly different future later on.
  8. dudes, this is not a project designed to produce a product. jarrett is not going to form a company or even really a capitalistic endeavor here.   there is absolutely no reason capture needs to be built into cameras these days. nor monitoring. its an added cost that we all have to absorb every single time we upgrade or use a different camera. capture technology does not change, and when it does its is in the form of a software update. imagine a world where "getting that full frame look" doesn't mean paying for a 5dmkii with its screen, viewfinder, AF, light meeter, card readers, battery, psu... just that sensor and an image processor...   this is just an experiment to find a methodology for taking existing products and making them work in a way that we desire. It may not be something that competes with the BMC - but its not supposed to be! this is simply about showing people that there is an immensely powerful toolset available that can be made to work to our exact specifications, and its available NOW. and to use it you dont have to pay for years of development on something like a live AF system or an auto-lighting-optimizer or scene modes... JESUS!   it may not yield a true alternative to a camera like the BMC or even the gh2 right NOW, but for me, this is just about getting the ball rolling.
  9. I think the problem with apertus is that they are running on an outdated business model. they want a structured hierarchical relationship with the world and a revenue stream that flows through that hierarchy. and that is something we've already got plenty of. i really doubt the world can sustain "just another camera manufacturer".
  10. Garrett, What are your thoughts on the apertus project?
  11. I think this is a massively powerful idea. as radical as the 5dmkii was if not more so.   this is not about providing a "product". jarrett is not trying to capitalize - he is trying to democratize. this project is not capable of producing vapor - it is about paving the way and laying down the initial groundwork for a whole new way of thinking about image-capture.    i dont care if the money i put in is scooped up and taken on vacation to disneyland; im in. and not because i want to recieve ownership of something in return, but because i believe in Jarretts ideology. my desire is for this mindset to proliferate, and for that reason alone i support the project.   good luck jarrett.
  12. just found a great shootout on frank glencairns blog   http://frankglencairn.wordpress.com/2011/01/02/the-cheap-video-led-light-shootout/
  13. i just bought the gh3 and think the 5200 is dope. its a super cheap second body with different capabilities. it will expand my range. i had been planning to get a second gh3 for 2 camera interviews, but this new piece seems like the perfect fit - at least for now. meanwhile, the gh3 will make for a great run and gun camera with weather sealing and the 12-35 ois.
  14. personally i went with the TorchLED because 1, it outputs a lot of light for one small slot in my bag, and 2, as far as i had heard it is more reliable than the F&V's. I also liked the ability to blend the color temp of the light - a feature i have ended up using the hell out of.
  15. The torchLED works great on stands. It comes with a ball head with hotshoe and 1/4 20. B&h sells one that also comes with a high capacity battery and charger for free. From what you said earlier, I gathered this would be a good tool for you - just a little something extra to add some fill, a background light, or hair light... It is also very small and can fit in your bag with little fuss. You should be thinking of this light as something to either augment existing light, or be aided by it.
  16. I like it very much. Pretty easy to stash one away in a kit, and it can be used for so much more than just lighting a subject.
  17. zaz

    IS Vs Monopod

    http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/822252-REG/Sirui_BSRP326_P_326_6_Section_Carbon_Fiber.html http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/744342-REG/Acebil_60V_F605_F605_Flat_Base_Head.html I don't think it makes a ton of sense to splurge on a monopod. Also: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/737980-REG/Manfrotto_561BHDV_1_Fluid_Video_Monopod_W_Head.html
  18. zaz

    IS Vs Monopod

    Personally I think IS allows for a lot of fluidity in run and gun situations that can't really be touched by any other stabilization system. Nothing else allows you to just put a camera in your hands and go - hard to beat that level of mobility. However, it's pretty un-cinematic looking and as you said applies only to that one lens. I find it to a more documentary or even ethnographic aesthetic than a monopod. Have you thought about some kind of shoulder rig or something? There a plenty of passable Chinese ones on eBay.
  19. zaz

    IS Vs Monopod

    Shooting on a monopod is like shooting on a highly portable tripod. The difference is pretty big between that and hand held IS. Also, sing a light carbon fiber one like the miller you mentioned wont do much for stabilization of walking shots. Can I ask why you're opting for that expensive quick release rather than a fluid head or even a cheap photo head?
  20. http://vimeo.com/44308566 I'm just gonna mention the Bolt one more time since it sounds like you need portability and ease of use. You could buy that plus a reverse light stand, an umbrella mountable head and an umbrella for under $500.
  21. I'm really digging the Switronix TorchLED Bolt's. They seem fairly accurate and were relatively cheap. Though, I ultimately want/need a Light Panels Studio ENG kit.
  22. I'm finding the 4x punch-in to be basically unusable. Seems to be digital magnification of screen display not sensor read-out - way too blurry to judge focus. The 5x and 10x magnifications are very crisp and clean, but I wish there was a way to bring them up while recording. Peaking is a valuable tool - it helps to visualize the composition of a shallow DOF shot, and helps a great deal in shooting moving subjects.
  23. I agree QHR, when you start to look into a true generational upgrade option from the GH2, going above 8-bit seems to be a good idea. That in mind, the only other camera that you could add to the list is the fs700 when the 4k firmware update is released.   Personally, I think the f3 give an incredibly filmic image with great motion. But yes, NAB is coming up and all the cameras on the market will undoubtable drop in price soon after the conference.
  24. Finally got my GH3 and found a quick fix for the loose card slot door. It's VERY easy.       Circled is the actual contact point of the locking mechanism. These indentations on the metal arm slide over the door hinge when you close the door and hold it shut.       Simply remove the metal piece with a screwdriver and give these little arms a slight bend towards where the hinge will be when re-attached. Just a VERY SLIGHT bend at the circled area is all you need - this photo was taken AFTER I bent mine.   When re-attaching the piece, take care not to strip out the screw hole.
  25. Damn Bruno, this is very awesome! Personally, I noticed a bit of banding in that highlight in the upper right hand corner (in the new record settings section). seems to decrease as you move from 17 to 28 mbps. seriously man - this is killer. raising the bar, bru
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