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Help using oct-18 mount lenses with canon EF


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I'm looking into purchasing a set of lomo primes in oct-18 mount. I noticed that to directly mount the lens to a canon camera you have to buy either a oct-18 to oct-19 adaptor, and then an oct-19 to EF. They also make oct-18 to pl, and then pl to EF. Anyways, with either of these adaptor setups, I noticed that the oct-18 versions of the lomo anamorphic primes rear lens barrel rotates when focusing. Does anyone have any insight or experience using or converting oct-18 lomo anamorphic primes to any kind of canon EF setup???? And if so how does the focus work, or ways around it??? Any help is greatly appreciated!!
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My understanding is that the OCT-18 lenses are only compatible with mirrorless cameras like the GH2. I'd be reluctant to put two adapters together because single adapters account for the accurate flange distance needed for a full range of focus, but stacking two would compromise that distance and you'd probably lose infinity focus.

With regard to the lens barrel rotation, there is an OCT-18 adapter for Micro Four Thirds cameras that has a pin built in to prevent this from happening ([url="http://www.ebay.com/itm/OCT18-OCT-18-LOMO-lens-Konvas-anamorphic-GH2-GH1-AF100-AF101-4-3-adapter-/260910613284"]http://www.ebay.com/...r-/260910613284[/url]).

You might consider looking into the OCT-19 mount Lomos instead. They are typically more expensive, but I know that they can be adapted for use with Canon cameras ([url="http://www.ebay.com/itm/OCT19-OST-19-OCT-19-KONVAS-LOMO-to-Canon-EOS-5D-7D-60D-1D-T3i-550D-T2i-adapter-/260875544582"]http://www.ebay.com/...r-/260875544582[/url]).
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