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hacked GH1 or GH2 and UHS-1 class 10 cards.


hacked GH1 or GH2 and UHS-1 cards.  

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  1. 1. If you have a Class 10 card, does it work with 100 mbps hack and does it support UHS-1?

    • It works great and It supports UHS-1.
    • It works great and It does not support UHS-1.
    • It fails and supports UHS-1
    • It fails and does not support UHS-1
    • My card works/doesn't work but I don't know if it supports UHS-1

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Hi everyone,

Recently I found a class 10 SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s card at a local store and snatched it up because it was really cheap. I've heard great things about this one and so I thought I'd give it a try in my hacked GH1. I have been using the "100Mbps Max-latitude" patch with a cheap class 10 PNY 20MB/s card and haven't had to many issues. In fact, the only time I ran into an issue is when I tried to run a 720p GOP-1 patch. Had to take the battery out a few times that day. So, I was hoping that with a better card, I could try upping the bitrate even higher or trying out the GOP-1 patch again. Well, I got the card home and it failed right off the bat without even upping the rate. I worked on and worked on it and finally got it to work with a disappointingly lower bitrate patch.

I wanted to try and get to the bottom of this little issue because it seems like a lot of other people have run into something like this too. Some class 10 cards work while others don't. Some times it really is down to manufacturing standards but I have a hunch it might actually be UHS-1. From what I've been led to believe it's not actually supported on the GH1/GH2. To make matters worse, it seems that these cards might even run at lower speeds. So I think a poll is in order. Please take a moment and help me suss this out.

It might turn out to be nothing but it will be great to at least tick this one off the list anyway. :-)

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[b][i][u]Recently I found a class 10 SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s card at a local store and snatched it up because it was really cheap. [/u][/i][/b]

buy your card off Amazon - sounds like you have bought a fake card - there are lots around
this card should cost $160 all day long ....there are no cheap cards.

I use
Driftwood Quantum 9B Update hack with
San Disc Extreme Pro 64gb 95mb/s card

absolutely no problems or issues
Ive not had a freeze or lock up
and it plays back in camera all ok

It took me a while to find a hack that was stable
this works for me ok
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No, it's not fake. It was from a large local retail store. when I say cheap I don't mean It was like $2 or something. It was and 16 gig at about $40. I took it back already. Thanks for the reply Andy! Would you mind adding your vote please? :-)
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ALL HACKS (with NO exception), disable a few of the features of the GH2, and most of them, cause the video to hang, under certain conditions. While some hacks only support the 30 MBps cards, other support the 45 MBps cards, and still other ONLY support 95 MBps cards. Its a conspiracy of the Hackers and the Card Manufacturers. :D
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