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Francisco Rios

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Hi everybody,
Here I'm with another question. I shot with my anamorphic and GH2 in 4:3 mode with jpg mov codec in black and white.
I shot with nostalgia mode. I would like to convert to prores to work on FCP7, so with prores will be better option to handle post, more speed, etc...
The problem is that I saw on my test a gamma shift after the process from conversion with Compressor. The black gone down a little. My expose on camera is already a little down so I really don't want to get lower on these issue.
What do you think about these?
Maybe is better to work with the native codec. Or maybe someone knows a better app to convert without gamma problems.
Best regards.
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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs
Then why don't you use the native codec?

I don't like Compressor, but you can finetune your presets there to your needs (excuse the german names).

Choose the desired flavor of ProRes (highlighted in the preset-list). Click on the 'plus'-icon (1) to duplicate the preset, allowing to edit it. Double-click on the preset copy (2), which opens the preset's properties. Then go to the filter-icon (3) and adjust the gamma, using the preview window (in my screenshot, since there was no clip loaded, it shows color bars). Save the preset as 'jpeg-mov2ProRes' or so. Now you can batch-convert all your clips.

Did you know? You can use in- and outpoints in the preview window to trim your clips before transcoding. And: You can rename them, of course.

You can of course also correct the AR in the preset. You can also make the preset a little program for the dock by creating a droplet from it that you save in applications. This way you never need to open Compressor anymore for the task. Just drag your clips on the icon in the dock, and a background process is started (define a default target folder for the ProRes). Works with batches as well. Actually not bad, I never understood, why you can't drop droplets into the FCP browser.
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Axel, Thanks a lot for your time.
I decide to work with native. My footage works with a lot of blacks and with compressor's transcode the footage get a lot of posterization even if I convert to prores HQ. Maybe I have to change gamma to fix these issue but after all FCP7 can handle MJEG. On FCP7 happend some misterious things at the beginning and the ends of the cuts. Not really funny but tolerable. I think tomorrow will be ready the first video to show the result.

[color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]"You can also make the preset a little program for the dock by creating a droplet from it that you save in applications."[/font][/color]
Didn't know these above.
Best regards!
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Breathtaking. Yes, it is dark, but it should be. Is this really motion jpeg? Must give it a try.

The sound mix is really beautiful. Heard it over my excellent Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro, a highly recommended headphone that forgives nothing and sounds great. Very well done! Best wishes.
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Thanks Axel. It is MJPEG. I think is far better on black and white. Almost done between 160-400 iso and f4.
The soundman was Coke Vio. As you said , he did a great job. The guitar is really amazing and has a fantastic sound. It's a unique instrument in the world. The music belongs to ethnics "Mapuche" and Alejandro made these adaptation to classical 10 string guitar. The result is superb. It's world music.
Thanks for your help.
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