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Sony NEX vs Olympus OM-D for amateur video


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I've been really struggling with this choice over the last month.

I'm going travelling for a year and want a small but high quality camera to take with me.

I take a lot of video, it's literally a function I use every day. I know I will be filming and editing a lot while I'm traveling.

I'm hoping that those experienced in video will be able to make my choice easier by recommending one over the other.

So, for someone who uses video a lot and does want high quality, the OM-D or a NEX camera?
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I don't know a whole lot about the OM-D. Where you thinking about any NEX in particular?

The NEX 5 has recently been reduced to an insanely priced $398, which would leave you some money to buy a few great lenses. What kind of locations will you be going to and what do you like to take pictures of?

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I would go for the NEX 5n for a few simple reasons:
• Focus peaking.
• APS-C sensor has less image crop.
• More flexible frame rates and up to 60 fps even in 1080p. I don't think there is a PAL mode on the OMD would could be a deal breaker if you're traveling a lot and don't want a lot of flicker from the lights in Europe.
• Smaller size.
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The 5n over the Olympus? yes.

But if you can wait to November i recommend you the Nex 6, more features in little bigger package, in theory the same image, maybe no overheat, and new lens coming too!

Here's a comparison:
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maybe those phase detection pixels are making things are adding complications with regard to the downscale.? Nex5n cant be beaten at the moment. sub £300/$400 for body only due to price drops. just make sure you factor in a external audio recorder (zoom h2, h4 etc)
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Personnaly I find the OM-D very good for its video ability. The image is crisp and sharp, the only problem I found is some compression artifacts if you make some fast pans with some details areas such as foliages, bushes, etc.
The lack of 25p/24p for european users is also very annoying.
But apart from that I really love to shoot with it for my own souvenirs, not for professional work, but as Timetowastetime said, it is for amateur videography, so I can't help but sayin' it's a good camera.
And the huge factor to consider is the imprseeive IBIS stabilization, I never saw anything like this on any camera I've owned.

Some footage I shot yesterday to give you an idea of the quality of the Olympus OM-D : https://vimeo.com/53678345.
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