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Question about better lens kit for BMC

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I m trying to set up the best lens kit for the price for the BMC camera. I need your opinion on what's better:

Samyang 8mm f3.5 (video version)
Samyang 24mm f1.4 (video version)
Samyang 35mm f1.4 (video version)
Tokina 11-16mm f2.8
Price: approximately $2400

These are all full frame lenses (except for the last one), so they have future value and since all are EF, I would opt for EF mount BMC

Samyang 8mm f3.5 (video version)
Samyang 35mm f1.4 (video version)
Voigtlander Nokton 17.5mm f0.95
Voigtlander Nokton 25mm f0.95
Noktor SLR Magic 12mm f1.6
Price: approximately $3690

This option has 3 m4/3 lenses (not as future proof as full frame lenses), but way faster wides. I would have to go for BMC with m4/3 mount. Also this option is considerably more expensive - arround $1300, for my tight budget.

Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you very much for your time and effort.

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Right now, even though i've seen enough footage of the bmc with good depth of field with lenses around f2 online, The smaller sensor had me thinking how nice it would be to use the Voigtlanders... And then out of nowhere the M43 mount comes out. I'm with you though on future proofing, & in a way wish there was no such thing AS a micro four thirds mount lens.. That's where they stay pretty much since most everybody else has a bigger sensor...

One focal length that somehow manages to always frame cinematic character no matter what the crop factor is, is a 35mm. I don't know why, but even on the bmc it hits the sweet spot. (shot 2 raw dng john brawley footage from afterglow....chalk on pool stick scene.)

Samyang, Rokinon have a Cine version of that lens out...i would get that one. 35mm T 1.5 cine.

The SLR Magic 12mm is faster than the Tokina 2.8. Between the 2 it would probably come down to character, and speed, since the Tokina doesn't have a big zoom range. I was going to suggest it also though because it does very cinematically on the GH2.

The Voigtlanders are nearly a no brainer... Super fast and shallow, beautifully sharp and cinematic when stopped down. These lenses don't leave most guys' cameras once they're on. Your options are kind of determined by how close your focal lengths are to each other... If it were me, my widest lens would be the 17.5 Voigtlander, then the Rokinon 35mm, and then i would jump to the longer medium telephoto ranges like a badass 85mm.

So my 2 cents:

Voigtlander 17.5mm f0.95
Rokinon 35mm T1.5 Cine
Contax Zeiss 85mm F1.4 (mmj...not a fan of the aej ninja bokeh:). - these are on Ebay in mint condition for under $1000 all the time.
Heliopan 77mm Vario-ND.

Get the M43 mount BMC....

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To make your decision a little more difficult, I am reading now that while the BMC-MFT will be retailing as a passive mount, the Lumix/Olympus connectors are built into it and that it may eventually be "enabled" via firmware update. That would open up the image-stabilized Lumix lenses like the 12-35mm f2.8 ...

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What do you think of direct comparison of lenses:

Samyang 24mm f1.4 VS Voigtlander 25mm f0.95 - difference in money is not so great - about $130. One is full frame the other is faster, but how does that translate in real life shooting? Which one should I go for?

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Well. If your Samyang is a Nikon mount, you can get an adapter for almost any camera without vignetting.

it depends on what camera you're using. So if you get the BMC in M43 mount, The sky is the limit on lenses pretty much. You won't be using the Voigtlander on a 5D mark 3 though if that's what you're asking:)

Just go to Vimeo and type "GH2 Voigtlander" in the search box and See what this lens looks like.
There are the Zeiss as well too. I think you can get a Zeiss 25mm for a little cheaper than the Voigtlander on Ebay. Granted a little slower, still a Zeiss nonetheless.

For the BMC in M43 mount, I'd get the Voigtlander. The GH3 is coming out shortly too and it will more than likely be amazing. (B cam).
Also, the Voigtlander's don't deppreciate like a Samyang does. You'll turn it in a heartbeat for $900 on Ebay if it's in good shape.

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