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Putting filters in front of Lomo Square Front


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I'd really like to find a good, economical solution to put ND filters in front of my set (75, 50 and 35mm in OCT18). I know that a matte box with 4x5.6 would be the most elegant solution, but I can't justify the cost since I wouldn't be using it use it with my other lenses. I use a fader for those. I have contemplated trying to trap a large-diameter ND fader in a lens collar (mounted to a rail block) and then sliding that in front of my lenses. But that seems like a disaster waiting to happen. Surely there must be a better solution. Anyone have any ideas?
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forgive the crude drawing. so you would bend a piece of aluminium offcut around the lomo (or a wooden jig the same size ideally). 3mm would be think enough for the rigidity but wouldnt be too hard to bend. use another piece of the offcut on the underside to bridge the gap where the two ends meet - bolt them toghether using a countersunk bolt from the inside.

drill and tap it so you can tighten it around the lomo using grubscrews. or, line the inside with neoprene sheet so it slides on snug.

once assembled, slide back onto the jig and use a hacksaw to cut the slots for your nd's. make the slots wide enough so you can line them with sticky back felt sheet to stop the nd's being scratched as they are slotted in and out. use more layers of felt so the nd's are held tightly in place when in use.

I am sure this idea could be reworked, but this is what I would do. ebay will ahve offcuts of flat aluminium bar. if you wanted it black, just rough up the surface using 320 grit sandpaper and use a enamel black paint,
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hahaha. I'm not very skilled at machining. but I do as best I can. Mr Bodge Job:)

It is a case of popping in to a local place that happens to do certain things similar. IE, a wood yard will be happy to charge to cut some pieces of wood to make a jig the same size as the lomo. then you just stick them together with some g clamps. the jig will be the most important part. ebay will sell all the rest. offcut aluminium bar, grubscrews, neoprene and felt sheet, large hacksaw, tap and die sets. Expect to spend 100$ on everything, and a day to do the work, then you will have tools and learned skills to make other similar stuff as and when required. I think when using very exotic lenses as the lomo's are, you need to be able to make your own stuff. there just isnt enough of a customer base for companies to make them in mass. being a lomo man.. https://vimeo.com/39345280 - shot on lomos and red epic
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