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My cameras and kit

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  1. So, in the previous thread, I thought those were all, but after A LOT of thinking, and facing sadness, I decided to let the LOMOs out. Paypal only. In case of questions, PM me here or shoot an email to ferradans@gmail.com 1. LOMO Foton-A 37-140mm T/4.4 Full Kit (2x stretch, cinema lens) Literally with tears in my eyes, I'm letting this beauty go. Bought less than a year ago, went straight to Olex in Ukraine for mods and servicing. Aperture ring has been declicked, standard gears were installed in both focus and zoom rings, front and back were perfectly collimated and support system was altered for 15mm rigs, mount was OCT-18 and converted to OCT-19. Everything is perfectly smooth in it. It comes in the original Foton-A briefcase, with multiple filters, front and back covers for anamorphic block and spherical part, also a +1 Foton-A diopter (which is almost impossible to find nowadays), a couple color filters and a lever for focusing the anamorphic. The briefcase also contains the original support system, in case the buyer wants to reverse it. The whole case weights around 8kg. The back of the anamorphic part shows some faint fungus, but doesn't affect image quality. Olex himself evaluated it and said it would cost too much to repair, for too little image improvement. And, oh, what lovely images it does produce! (by the way, in the images below, there is a lot of dust in the glass: it's all outside, I was in a bit of a hurry when shooting these) I also include an OCT-19 to Canon EF, ciecio7 adapter, which sells for about $400 on ebay. Here's a link to a short project I shot entirely with it, combined with a Canon 50D RAW:
  2. When I started into the anamorphic experience, I was quite in a rush and ended up getting more lenses than I could actually use, so, in order to make them useful to someone and not only sit in my shelf, I'm letting them go. I modded them a bit, to make them easier to work with, and everything is described.   Ended up upgrading the set of the Century, and after a long mental fight, decided to let the Kowa go to someone else's happy home. Both lenses come with a lot of extras to avoid any more shopping to get them working. After they arrive, you're ready to go and shoot whatever you want. I accept Paypal, the taxes are on me! PM me, or send me an email: ferradans@gmail.com 1 - Century Optics Bayo for GL1. (1.33x stretch, focus through) This was originally a bayo mount, unable to use with our loved threaded lenses. I got a step up ring "stuck" into the bayo slot, so it's transformed into a 52mm mount and very very safe. It's not a permanent mod. The lens can be switched back to bayo if you want, just unscrew the back and remove the step-up ring. The front element has a few cleaning marks in one of the borders, but they don't affect the image. It comes with front and rear caps. I also adapted a 77mm thread on the front - kind of rude, but it's safe and can be removed - for attaching filters/diopters. I'm providing a pair of very rare Spiratone 77mm diopters, with low strenght: +0.25 and +0.5. This combination of low strength and big size is very valuable when working with anamorphics. Also included is a Series 9 77mm adapter and retaining ring, +1 and +3 Series 9 diopters (in pouches), and, finally, a 77-62mm step down ring for the Sigma +1.6 Achromatic diopter - in original jewel case. Achromatic diopters have much higher image quality, therefore, are also greatly seeked by anamorphic shooters.   And, when you though there was nothing more that could possibly fit here, I'm putting in two extra "anamorphized" primes. A Helios 44 58mm with f/4 fixed oval aperture, and a Pentacon 29mm f/4 fixed oval aperture as well. Both with M42 to EF adapters, M42 rear caps and front caps. The Pentacon comes with a rubber hood and a step-down ring 55-52mm to allow use with the Century. Both lenses have pouches. US$1300 + shipping Century photos http://www.eoshd.com...ry-optics-bayo/   Anamorphized lenses photos http://www.eoshd.com/comments/gallery/album/41-anamorphized-lenses/ 2 - Kowa Bell and Howell (2x stretch, double focus) Sadly, I'm letting this wonderful lens go. It also comes with everything you need to start shooting. Lens in great shape, no scratches, no fungus, nothing. Crystal clear glass. Very little dust inside, which is common for a lens this old. I bought it a few months ago, when I was starting into anamorphics and now will have to let it go, because I can't make good use of double focus, and gotta make room for the LOMO. This kit includes the original front and read caps, as well as the original lens pouch, but also Redstan front and rear clamps (62mm rear, with a locking ring that won't let the lens fall while you align it, 72mm front) and extra front and rear caps for the clamps, to keep the lens ready to shoot, and safe, at all times. I'll also include a lot of step up and down rings to make the clamp fit into any taking lens filter thread (49, 52, 55, 58 and 67mm). The diopters included here are a rare Tokina 72mm +0.5, in original jewel case, and four Vivitar 72mm (+1, +2, +4 and +10) in a filter pouch. US$1500 + shipping http://www.eoshd.com...wa-bell-howell/   --------------------------------------------------------   SOLD!   2 - Optex 52mm (1.33x stretch, focus through) I'd keep this one as redstan clamp fits perfectly, but I just found a 58mm rear one, so this is going out. It comes with front and rear caps, as well as the original box.  No markings, scratch or else on the glass. Absolutely top quality.   US$750   http://www.eoshd.com/comments/gallery/album/32-optex-52mm/   3 - Hypergonar Hi-Fi 2 (2x stretch, double focus) I fell in love with the look of this lens from that Edwin Lee "Futuristic Shangai" clip - I think everyone into anamorphics has seen it. hahahah - and got it straight from france. It's quite a heavy lens and required a lot of extra gear to work properly. Following Edwin Lee's tip, I got the Velbon SPT-1 Lens Support, as well as a Canon 70-200mm lens collar, Vid-Atlantic's extra large clam and caps for front and rear elements.   The Hypergonar doesn't have a filter thread, so getting close focus with it was a nightmare. I glued a 95-86mm step-down ring reversed on the front of the lens, so anything with an 86mm thread can be attached. It comes with a regular 77mm close-up kit (+1, +2, +4) and step rings 86-77mm and 77-72mm, for easier mounting or filtering.   You just gotta attach the kit to your camera and prime and go shoot. Nothing else is required!   US$700   http://www.eoshd.com/comments/gallery/album/29-hypergonar-hi-fi-2/   4 - Lomo Squarefront 35-NAS-4-1 with OKC 1-50-1 in OCT-18 When I got this one, I still had hope to adapt it into the 5D3. Unnecessary to say, it didn't work. The glass is in good shape, but most of the markings on the body are gone. It comes with the pairing 50mm f/2.5, and it works perfectly on other cameras. The only custom-made thing about this one is the front cap, that's brand new, since it didn't have one when I bought it. Rear cap's included as well.   US$1200   http://www.eoshd.com/comments/gallery/album/30-lomo-squarefront-35nas4-1-with-okc1-50-1-oct18/   About shipping, I'm from Brazil, and shipping costs here are a bit random. FedEx tends to be way more expensive than regular mail, so, I need to check before saying anything about it for sure.   On the other hand, I'll be in the U.S. from March 18 to 25, and can ship the lenses from NY if any buyer from the U.S. gets interested. This will make shipping a lot faster and cheaper as well. :D
  3. I'd really like to find a good, economical solution to put ND filters in front of my set (75, 50 and 35mm in OCT18). I know that a matte box with 4x5.6 would be the most elegant solution, but I can't justify the cost since I wouldn't be using it use it with my other lenses. I use a fader for those. I have contemplated trying to trap a large-diameter ND fader in a lens collar (mounted to a rail block) and then sliding that in front of my lenses. But that seems like a disaster waiting to happen. Surely there must be a better solution. Anyone have any ideas?
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