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My cameras and kit

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  1. LOMO FOTON zoom lens F=37-140 mm, f4 PL mount EX+++ for Russian professional 35 mm movie camera Konvas, have OCT-18 mount and PL adapter (included). This lens cover 5K sensor (Mysterium X), glass clean and clear. No scratches, no fungus. Excellent condition. Mechanic focus, zoom and aperture is smooth. Installed two ARRI rings 0.8 (focus and zoom). Made in LOMO, USSR S/N:770062 included original ring for filter, lens hood and rear cup. Price: 800 USD+ shipping email:[email protected]
  2. So, in the previous thread, I thought those were all, but after A LOT of thinking, and facing sadness, I decided to let the LOMOs out. Paypal only. In case of questions, PM me here or shoot an email to [email protected] 1. LOMO Foton-A 37-140mm T/4.4 Full Kit (2x stretch, cinema lens) Literally with tears in my eyes, I'm letting this beauty go. Bought less than a year ago, went straight to Olex in Ukraine for mods and servicing. Aperture ring has been declicked, standard gears were installed in both focus and zoom rings, front and back were perfectly collimated and support system was altered for 15mm rigs, mount was OCT-18 and converted to OCT-19. Everything is perfectly smooth in it. It comes in the original Foton-A briefcase, with multiple filters, front and back covers for anamorphic block and spherical part, also a +1 Foton-A diopter (which is almost impossible to find nowadays), a couple color filters and a lever for focusing the anamorphic. The briefcase also contains the original support system, in case the buyer wants to reverse it. The whole case weights around 8kg. The back of the anamorphic part shows some faint fungus, but doesn't affect image quality. Olex himself evaluated it and said it would cost too much to repair, for too little image improvement. And, oh, what lovely images it does produce! (by the way, in the images below, there is a lot of dust in the glass: it's all outside, I was in a bit of a hurry when shooting these) I also include an OCT-19 to Canon EF, ciecio7 adapter, which sells for about $400 on ebay. Here's a link to a short project I shot entirely with it, combined with a Canon 50D RAW:
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