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  1. would love it as i am getting into anamorphic. but i think it will be reseved for the xt3 pro and not for the xt3, maybe the gfx100 as i doubt they will release a "pro" version of it
  2. well i finaly watched the season 8 and didn't noticed it. i actually was wondering in what episode there was a problem. ok some scenes are dark, but i still can see the character(s) pretty well and the background as well. didn't bothered me at all. maybe it's a led screens problem, i have sticked to plasma and my kuro still looks damn good
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    well we worked it out but thanks i am more interrested in preventing it now ?
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    last sunday we shot a show (fashion), we had 4 cameras and the show was lit by led panels. as in europe we did set all cams to 25fps and 1/50s problem is that in post we discovered that we have flickering on all images. actually it seems it wasn't the led panels but candellars on the ceilling with probably cheap led bulbs that did it. my question is: how can you see you have flicker on the modern cameras ? none of us saw the flicker on screens, we had xt3, c300, sony a6400 and canon 5d mkii is there any tool or app that could help prevent this ?
  5. https://www.newsshooter.com/2019/07/01/game-of-thrones-dp-fabien-wagner-talks-about-that-episode/
  6. hi guys. anyone familiar with voigtlander here ? i can buy the 40mm 1.4 nokton but don't know if it is as sharp as the 40mm f2. anyone knows ?
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    Davinci Resolve 16

    thanks. actualy doesn't help me as it won't remember my "favorites" fonts, but i'll do as usual, go to photoshop, choose the font i like and then set it in dvr but they should think about it
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    Davinci Resolve 16

    do you guys know if it is possible to have favorites fonts in resolve ? so handy to have it like in photoshop
  9. raw recording ? maybe soon https://www.fujirumors.com/fujifilm-manager-says-fujifilm-gfx-100-enjoys-strong-pre-orders-and-video-raw-recording-may-come-via-firmware-update/
  10. you wanna check the xrite i1, more professionnal than the spyder and the only calibration accepted by some brands like benq to calibrate monitors. must be about the same price
  11. i meant it is not their core skills and even with dji they are way behind all other companies. they shouldn't go there
  12. you said budget, so sigma isn't your first choice. xt3 is great, but you want an is lens if you shoot handheld unless you shoot 60fps and go 24 in post. but i guess you don't only want to do slowmo. beacause if you take the sigma and shoot handheld then you need a gimbal, and it doesn't sound budget to me
  13. film cameras is a vast world. tons of cameras that are good. processing b+w is not difficult no, just have to be serious with time and temps, or you cannot be and experiment maybe i would go for a cheap 35mm cam point and shoot, have some fun with it, see if you like it and then maybe put some more money into a better cam and lenses. films cameras are easy to buy, not so easy to sell so maybe try to see if you really like it before putting some money into it. i had tons of cameras, sold them all, just kept a fuji 645wi and a holga (which i'll never sell because i would get 5$ fot it lol) you can have some really sharp cameras, and i mean lenses here because the camera doesn't do much, and some more arty softer ones. it's like buying a car, you can buy one because you just like how it looks or buy one because you have some specific needs. once you know what your needs are then we can help. if it is just a crush then you don't need help for scans, you will put some money into it because why having a bad scan, it will ruin your work. the good ones can be found, not that epxensive, but maintenance is another story as they are mostly old. some of them also only work on old systems. don't know the epson v850. used to work with imacon, heidelberg and creo but scanning film is not that easy, it used to be, and still is, a job.
  14. What will you shoot ? Planning to print ? If yes how big ? And if you scan your films with what will you scan ? I guess you're gonna shoot b+w as you are thinking of processing yourself.
  15. well i guess we all should calibrate our monitors (starting with the editor that graded it) as you're the only one thinking it is too dark compared to your standards. i kinda like the "this is how it should look like" part anyway ?
  16. i think it is graded just as they wanted it to be. it's not because you don't like it that it is "poor", it is called an artistic choice. wether you like it or not.
  17. if you have a premiere keyboard you also can configure resolve to use a premiere keyboard
  18. depends what you want to do with it. it's like every other tools. some are best for this and some others are best for that. had lots of them, still have some and also have a part of my freezer full of 120 220 4x5 and 8x10 film leica is quite expensive and only good if you shoot b+w, color isn't that great. there are tons of good cameras. just don't forget that it is the lens takes the picture. so a good part of your budget should go on the lense(s). as for film you also want to find a place where they know how to process. you will also probably want to scan your films ? so before buying a system look also for a proper scanner, thinking that the good ones are not that hard to find but parts and people able to fix them are pretty rare.
  19. Problem with ebay Is that you lever see fungus on pics. ?
  20. thanks caleb already have the monitor, ninja v, and cage and all that stuff. just need the anamorphic stuff, a few more primes, patience, money and probably a little luck also, i tend to prefer the goldish flares to the really blue ones. i've seen tito's review about the kowa and not so sure about the flare color. also, what would be a decent price for a kowa 16H ?
  21. thanks caleb. it makes pefect sense for the 1.33x vs 2x, as i said i won't go for 1.33 as it doesn't do much. looks like 2x is the best option yes, and more versatile it seems. thanks for telling me why vintage lenses are more used with anamorphic, i have a few so that's cool. another question, how can i know in advance if i will be able to use an anamorphic lense with a lense that has a large front. for exemple my vintage tokina 28-70 atx pro 2.6-2.8 has a 77mm filter thread. most of anamorphic lenses have a small one. will i get full image cover ? the fact that it is a ff lense on a s35 sensor might help. budget wise, i think that when i will go for it i will probably spend around 2 or 3k for the lense, mounts and variable diopter.
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