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  1. 7 minutes ago, Alex Uzan said:

    Warping is only when you use electronic stabilization.

    I don’t know what to think about this X-T4.
    Fuji gave us everything they should include in the X-T3, but no true Game changer,
    Still some quirks (crop on 4k60, no internal 4.2.2, recording limit, exposure step).

    Hope the XH-2 will me more than that.


    Warping happens with IBIS only.

  2. 20 minutes ago, Django said:

    When Fuji shifted production from Japan to China on XT3 there were quite a couple lemon units. That wasn't nearly the case with XT2. Quality Control just isn't the same.

    Anyways, are you saying XT4 country of origin is random?

    That's just your stereotype and bias.

    Made in Japan X-Pro 3 had some serious QC issue: https://***URL removed***/forums/thread/4465821

    Can I jump into conclusion that "made in Japan" has now become complete crap?

    X-T4 are made in both China and Japan.

    17 minutes ago, Emanuel said:

    I guess it is safe to infer silver version will be made in Japan... Nice find cowboy ; -)



  3. 6 minutes ago, Django said:

    wtf just noticed this:

    ..different manufacturing depending on color or do you think the made in Japan is pre-sample model only?

    I usually always get black version but would go silver if it means MIJ..

    Retail X-T4 units are made in more than one country, to the same standard.

  4. 8 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

    Is the X-T4 the basically an GH5 with larger sensor, but 3 years later?

    I was expecting a bit more, and the Vlogging screen dumbs down what was quite a pro photographic feeling camera line.

    The X-H2 is the one I will be getting, if it ever arrives.

    It's a design that much less hipster, far more practical.

    1080/240p is a first and great to have, so well done Fuji there.

    It lacks the 6K headline feature that nobody actually needs! Bad marketing, but who cares.

    Autofocus seems to be steadily improving, but it'll vary depending on the lens. The fast Fuji X-mount primes are not made for fast phase-detect AF.

    I feel that Fuji long term is onto a winner with GFX 100 video specs in a $2500 medium format sensor size cam, which will get enthusiasts excited while the mainstream goes for X-T series.

    It's a decent update, that's for sure, but price is creeping up to full frame land now and times are a-changin!

    I see a far stronger long-term future for the GFX range than I do the X-T.

    Fujifilm has confirmed that X-H line will continue:


  5. Also, the VG-XT4 battery grip has removed the DC input for stand-alone charging, but it can now be charged with the USB-C connection when attached to the camera body (up to three batteries at the same time)

  6. 1 minute ago, IronFilm said:

    Good grief!! That is a big backwards step. Can't you use a headphone jack over USB like the Fuji X-T30 / X-T200 does??

    You can, I literally said that.

  7. This is going to be controversial, Fujifilm removed headphone jack on the X-T4 body and put it on the grip instead (next to the pull tab), if you wanna use headphone with the body only, you might need USB-C adapter.



  8. Just now, Andrew Reid said:

    I find Mac OS automatically seems to convert HLG footage to Rec709 now as well. Tim Apple needs to get it sorted.

    It's just automatic SDR mapping, in Final Cut you can disable the mapping.

  9. 2 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:


    It's right there in the data sheet...


    See readout mode 5 at up to 30fps 12bit. Resolution is exactly 3882 x 2912.

    So if the GFX100 sensor can bin like that, why would it heavily line skip instead?

    If it bins like that, it doesn't sound good in marketing material.

    GFX100 reads the full width of the sensor at 11604 pixel, and vertically 2/3 subsamples from 6528 to 4352. The downsamples to 4K. So technically it oversamples.

  10. Because GFX100 heavily line-skips and bins when shooting 4K, the image exhibits quite a bit of moire and aliasing. Shame Fuji didn't implement the 3x3 RGB binning for a more organic, soft but detailed 4K image.


  11. 4 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

    Panasonic loaned me the S1H so that was free! Unlike the Fuji! The S1H is going on a trip as well, so we will be seeing more of that

    The GFX 100 don't forget has a DCI 4K full frame crop mode from 60 megapixel sensor window. So if you love a particular full frame lens, put it on there... I am interested to see how the 4K stands up in full frame mode, quality wise against the S1H and @BTM_Pix's Pocket 6K.

    In this respect it is Fuji's first 4K full frame camera :)

    There is also a Super 35mm crop mode for people who buy a medium format camera, but want to slap an Arriflex lens on the front. Yes, I am one of those idiots.

    GFX100 doesn't shoot crop 4K, all capture modes are full sensor width with vertical subsampling.

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