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  1. Sony Semicon ain't gonna allow that to happen.
  2. In stills mode the camera uses 14bit ADC readout and has a DR of 13.45EV at base gain. Video mode switches to 12bit ADC readout so DR can't be over 12EV unless there's some additional on-chip NR.
  3. There's a cable for Moza Air 2 to trigger X-T3 via E3 port on the right side of the camera: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z09.
  4. The prototype of a video-centric variant - GFX100V is currently being tested in Austria. It uses a speed optimised model of the 100MP MF sensor IMX461XTK with advanced readout methods (including no crop 4:3 output for 2x anamorphic lenses). IBIS is absent.
  5. 240fps is not the only thing that's coming 😉
  6. androidlad

    Nikon 8K?

    With newer generation sensors capable of more on-chip capabilities such as on-chip binning, on-chip oversampling and so on, the sheer power of processors is starting to become irrelevant. And no, Sony design the sensors, Nikon and Apple buy them off-the-shelf, they do make minor customisations. Fujifilm swapped the standard Bayer mask to X-Trans and that's the biggest customisation Sony ever allowed. If you buy a car and do a custom paint, can you say you designed the car?
  7. androidlad

    Nikon 8K?

    Neither Nikon nor Apple makes image sensors, they all go to Sony Semicon.
  8. androidlad

    Nikon 8K?

    OP is talking about the nature demo footage shot in Kenya.
  9. androidlad

    Nikon 8K?

    Cinematographer Mark Toia has confirmed that it was shot on RED Monstro 8K. Case closed.
  10. That 8K camera head has been around for years, see that big box on the table beside the Macbook Pro, that's the brain of the camera.
  11. androidlad

    Nikon 8K?

    Nikon does have a 60MP FF camera using IMX455 in the works.
  12. Looks like the LUT has a bit earlier/harsher highlight clipping compared to native film simulations? (Judging from the highlight patch around the lady's collarbone)
  13. Overall I do prefer HLG, but in this case I was mainly testing the GHalex LUT and it works better with F-log material in terms of skintone.
  14. More datarate per group of frame to minimise F-log blocking/banding.
  15. 120P is recorded in 200Mbps bitrate, conformed to 24P it's 40Mbps, for LongGOP it's an acceptable bitrate. The perceived softness comes from the readout modes, it's a hybrid of pixel-binning and line-skipping, so definitely won't be as detailed as 4K oversampling. But still, it's the most detailed, relatively artifacts-free FHD 120P out there.
  16. Shot a water sports festival with X-T3, hugely empowered by the enhanced face detection in the latest firmware, face select also came in handy when switching subject. F-log, HEVC 400Mbps LongGOP, sharpness and NR -4, custom WB. Graded with GHalex LUT, simple contrast/saturation adjustments A couple observations: 1. Face detection does not work at all with sunglasses, would be great if it could. 2. To get the purest colours from X-T3, custom WB is the way to go! Use a proper white/neutral grey card to set a custom WB to the key light.
  17. Neither OIS nor IBIS give you stable images while walking handheld. You'd need a gimbal for that. While linear mode helps, focus-by-wire lenses can't match true mechanical focusing lenses for manual focusing.
  18. GFX100 F-log sample (original file downloadable): ISO1600, 1/50, f/4 with sharpness and NR at default "0". Other than very noise blacks, image looks quite pleasing.
  19. X-Trans RGB X-Trans Bright 0.61um 1/2" mobile sensor and more
  20. I know lots of things that haven't been announced.
  21. 4:2:2 internal will be H.264. H.265 remains 10bit 4:2:0.
  22. Strictly speaking it's full range 0-1023. But Fuji encodes nothing between 0-95.
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