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  1. They are all based on IMX410, but not all of them uses the particular CQK SKU. The CQK one does not have PDAF mask.
  2. Rolling shutter is determined by the sensor readout speed, not the processor. They share the same sensor.
  3. Or maybe "Z8" and another upcoming camera that will use an almost identical variant of the A7R IV sensor.
  4. Fujifilm 16-80 f/4 R WR OIS officially announced: https://jonasraskphotography.com/2019/07/18/fujinon-xf-16-80mm-f-4-r-ois-wr-first-look-preview/ Up to 6 stops of stablisation. Could be great as an all around gimbal lens as OIS can smooth out small jitters.
  5. Despite many similarities with IMX455, this IMX551 is not off-the-shelf, it's Sony exclusive.
  6. If only DJI could add an option to turn off the ugly over-sharpening.
  7. TowerJazz produces the sensor for S1R. For S1 and fp, they use IMX410CQK-C.
  8. Good overall colour rendering, but skintone a bit too magenta, A7 III is surprisingly better in this regard. Perceived DR is quite high, but it's mostly the result of aggressive NR.
  9. androidlad

    Sigma FP

    ISO6 is intended for landscape photography.
  10. androidlad

    Sigma FP

    It uses IMX410, just like Z6/S1/Zcam F6 Due to the removal of a mechanical shutter, flash sync speed is an appalling 1/30s. ISO 6 is achieved by in-camera 16-frame stacking.
  11. IMX311 employs an innovative 45 degree diagonal pixel array with BSI and stacked design, it can output 96MP/24MP RGB RAW stream. Other new products include: IMX313, a high speed 48MP BSI Stacked FF sensor: IMX409, a low cost, high resolution and high speed 54MP BSI FF sensor: IMX521, a high speed, high sensitivity Quad Bayer 15MP BSI FF sensor: IMX554, a ultra-high speed 30MP BSI and stacked FF sensor:
  12. Some people buy cameras with kit lenses, some buy body only. Different SKU, but same product. A bit more details about some of the recent Sony Semicon FF sensor portfolio: 15MP Exmor R 7.52um 16Bit HS SLVS-EC 8Lane 24MP Exmor R 5.94um 14Bit HS SLVS-EC 8Lane 24MP Exmor RS 5.91um 14Bit DRAM SLVS-EC 8Lane 28MP Exmor RS 5.5um 16Bit SLVS-EC 10Lane 28MP Exmor GS 5.5um 12Bit SLVS-EC 12Lane 30MP Exmor RS 5.31um 14Bit UHS SLVS-EC 8Lane 36MP Exmor RS 4.88um 16Bit HS SLVS-EC 16Lane 42MP Exmor R 4.5um 14Bit SLVS-EC 8Lane 45MP Exmor R 4.35um 14Bit LVDS 12ch 48MP Exmor RS 4.2um 16Bit DRAM SLVS-EC 8Lane 54MP Exmor R 3.96um 14Bit SLVS-EC 8Lane 60MP Exmor R 3.76um 16Bit SLVS-EC 8Lane 100MP Exmor RS 2.91um 16Bit SLVS-EC 8Lane
  13. Another interesting sensor from Sony Semiecon, a 48MP FF sensor with diagonal pixel arrangements, sounds familiar?
  14. A lot brighter (2900nit peak) while having similar black level. No burn-in. Lower cost. The 65inch model is about 2200EUR.
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