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  1. DR/latitude aren't the only metrics for image quality. If there's a risk of underexposure, there's a thing called lighting. 4.6K uses a custom Fairchild sensor.
  2. New firmwares for DJI Ronin S/SC added full camera control for X-T3: https://forum.dji.com/thread-206413-1-1.html https://forum.dji.com/thread-206414-1-1.html
  3. The only thing HLG mode changes is forcing the codec to be HEVC/H.265 10bit 4:2:0. FHD 120P is pixel-binned and line-skipped from a 4.8K, 1.29x crop. 4K 60P is super-sampled from a 5.5K 1.18x crop.
  4. I can't say anything other than we'll find out soon on the 24th.
  5. The crop options are 1.34x in 4K DCI and 1.43x in 4K UHD.
  6. Leaked Japanese retail pricing for 1DX III is 880,000JPY after tax, that's equivalent of 8,140USD.
  7. It's an existing Nikon accessory, wireless transmitter WT-7 https://www.nikonusa.com/en/nikon-products/product/wireless/wt-7a-wireless-transmitter.html
  8. Nikon D780 and P950 leaked, announcements imminent: https://nikonrumors.com/2020/01/04/here-are-the-first-leaked-pictures-of-the-nikon-d780-dslr-camera.aspx/ https://nikonrumors.com/2020/01/04/nikon-coolpix-p950-camera-leaked-photos.aspx/
  9. Actual shipping date seems to be mid February 2020.
  10. GH5 has pixel level DR of 12.3EV according to DXOmark, it’s 12bit ADC plus a bit of NR, similar to how S1H achieves 12.7EV DR in video mode. GH5S is the only MFT sensor with 14bit ADC for stills. higher ADC bitdepth improves SNR below 18% grey, it does not affect highlight latitude.
  11. Are you referring to the flagging of color matrix? With the LUT fix I believe it resolves the issue consistently across all NLEs that misinterpret the flag. No limitation on framerate, it goes up to 4K/DCI 60P and FHD/2K 120P.
  12. Yea that's good idea, HLG on X-T3 is a 10bit only format. You could include the NLE flagging fix LUTs in the pack. Let me know if you need any help with testing during your R&D ?
  13. Expect these to be officially announced next week: Canon 1D X Mark III Nikon D780 AF-S NIKKOR 120-300mm f/2.8E FL ED SR VR NIKKOR Z 70-200mm f/2.8 VR S, AF-S NIKKOR 120-300mm f/2.8E FL ED SR VR Nikon COOLPIX P950 Panasonic professional style 4K camcorders “HC-X1500” “HC-X2000” Insta360 ONE-R modular action cam & 360 degree system
  14. That's great to know. Not sure if you're aware but from my testing, HLG behaves a lot better than F-log on X-T3 X-T3 also has some known issues: http://colorizer.net/index.php?op=technical
  15. DR testing for video looks at pixel-level, it's resolution agnostic. Otherwise we can downscale to 0.4K and have 20+ stops of DR.
  16. 1. It's the same sensor with a refreshed logic layer for faster readout, it has little if any impact on DR, do you fall for that marketing BS? 2. The spec sheet is already out, it shoots original Canon Log and RAW is 12bit ADC, and RAW always has lower DR due to almost complete absence of NR. 3. Based on all available evidence and common sense, it's very unlikely for the DR to exceed 1DX II, which is 11 stops.
  17. No and no. https://www.cinema5d.com/canon-1d-x-mark-ii-vs-canon-1d-c-which-one-shoots-better-video/
  18. Canon Log is just a tone curve, it doesn't increase DR, as demonstrated by the comparison between 1DC and 1DX II, their DR is exactly the same. RAW is 5.4K.
  19. In a way it's the same sensor as 1DX II, with a logic layer refresh for faster readout, the photosite design remain the same. This should have very little, if any impact on DR. So, 11 stops in video mode.
  20. RAW 5472×2886 (59.94p/50.00p) approx. 2,600 Mbps RAW 5472×2886 (29.97p/25.00p/24.00p/23.98p) approx. 1,800 Mbps 4K DCI (59.94p/50.00p)/ALL-I approx. 940 Mbps 4K DCI (59.94p/50.00p)/IPB approx. 230 Mbps 4K DCI (29.97p/25.00p/24.00p/23.98p)/ALL-I approx. 470 Mbps 4K DCI (29.97p/25.00p/24.00p/23.98p)/IPB approx. 120 Mbps 4K DCI Crop (59.94p/50.00p)/ALL-I approx. 940 Mbps 4K DCI Crop (59.94p/50.00p)/IPB approx. 230 Mbps 4K DCI Crop (29.97p/25.00p/24.00p/23.98p)/ALL-I approx. 470 Mbps 4K DCI Crop (29.97p/25.00p/24.00p/23.98p)/IPB approx. 120 Mbps 4K UHD (59.94p/50.00p)/ALL-I approx. 940 Mbps 4K UHD (59.94p/50.00p)/IPB approx. 230 Mbps 4K UHD (29.97p/25.00p)/ALL-I approx. 470 Mbps 4K UHD (29.97p/25.00p)/IPB approx. 120 Mbps Full HD (119.9p/100.0p)/ALL-I approx. 360 Mbps Full HD (59.94p/50.00p)/ALL-I approx. 180 Mbps Full HD (59.94p/50.00p)/IPB approx. 60 Mbps Full HD (29.97p/25.00p)/ALL-I approx. 90 Mbps Full HD (29.97p/25.00p)/IPB approx. 30 Mbps Full HD (29.97p/25.00p)/IPB (light) approx. 12 Mbps *Canon Log is available for all recording modes. *AF is not available when recording RAW or 4K 59.94p/50.00p (NTSC/PAL) movies. *RAW is encoded using 12bit A/D conversion. *10bit Canon Log is encoded with H.265/HEVC in YCbCr 4:2:2 and selectable ITU-R BT.709/BT.2020 color matrix.
  21. You can get EF mount f/1.4 primes and Speedbooster them.
  22. Would this test and the accompanying RAW files help with your project? https://cinematography.net/CineRant/2018/07/30/personal-comments-on-the-2018-cml-camera-evaluations/ https://www.myairbridge.com/en/#!/folder/XDn2Yx7xLBAaLh0Zbq415jcXW5hOa9SM It seems that only Alexa can render pure red colour accurately, while others all skew towards orange, is this something that's specifically addressed in your colour engine?
  23. What makes you think you PC monitor and camera monitor have accurate color? ? Ninja V does have a slighter warmer factory calibration, around 6000K instead of standard D65. If it really bothers you, you can calibrate the screen with i1 Display Pro.
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