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  1. Sony Semicon and Sony Alpha are completely different entities.
  2. Sony Semicon is years ahead of the others, and the only one capable of providing enough volume Fujifilm requires.
  3. Corporate BS. They wanted to put a new sensor in X-H2 but Sony Semicon, which is their "boss", is dragging them down. Regarding X-T3 firmware, the code is easily transferable from X-T4 due to the same hardware (apart from IBIS). What they are really considering is how they should do it/which features to drop so they don't hurt X-T4 sale.
  4. Just to put this out there, EVO II doesn't really shoot 8K due to its Quad Bayer sensor, and it does not (yet) use the Quad Bayer HDR feature:
  5. Wide angle lens + IBIS are known to cause those corner warping wobble, it's from perspective change caused by sensor movement (the wider the more amplified), It happens with GH5 as well.
  6. Check the Ninja V monitoring setting, some default settings were moved around/changed, I didn't notice any difference in NLE output monitoring. Haha no. It's just a flag in ProRes metadata, no data is ever thrown out, not before or after this update.
  7. So you are Inside the K. Just go to Phoenix Park.
  8. You can. 2km radius for exercise, or anywhere for shopping essential items.
  9. OnePlus 8 Pro will be the first to have triple-exposure HDR video.
  10. Looks like you're getting the triple exposure feature you want: https://www.mediatek.com/products/smartphones/dimensity-1000
  11. Atomos AtomOS 10.3 update for the Ninja V finally FINALLY added HDMI Full-to-Legal range conversion on the recorded input!! https://www.atomos.com/firmware/ninja-v
  12. https://leopardimaging.com/product/autonomous-camera/maxim-gmsl2-cameras/li-imx490-gmsl2/
  13. So how many stops of dynamic range do you want? Sony has a 1/1.55" sensor IMX490 that does 20 stops (120dB) dynamic range in a single exposure.
  14. R6 sensor resolution appears to be 5472 x 3648.
  15. Can confirm, and I may get in trouble for saying this but it will be officially announced on April 1st.
  16. Sensor resolution appears to be 8208 x 5472, approx 45MP.
  17. It'll be 10bit H.265/HEVC, 480Mbps IPB.
  18. When Ronin SC triggers the camera, if the camera and Ninja V are set up properly (HDMI record trigger), the camera subsequently triggers Ninja V. So yes Ronin SC can trigger both.
  19. These are outdated info, the official standard now is no longer pure power law gamma of either 2.2 or 2.4, it's BT.1886. https://www.itu.int/dms_pubrec/itu-r/rec/bt/R-REC-BT.1886-0-201103-I!!PDF-E.pdf https://kb.portrait.com/help/bt-1886-10-questions-10-answers
  20. How FHD high frame rate modes are sampled: Up to 120P: Horizontal 4832 pixels are readout in full, vertical 2718 pixels are 2/3 line-skipped and then 1/2 binned to 906 pixels. Up to 240P: Horizontal 4832 pixels are readout in full, vertical 2718 pixels are 3/5 line-skipped to 542 pixels.
  21. Those IBIS shots looked great because it was shot with a 35mm lens. The IBIS corner wobble artifacts are more pronounced in wider focal lengths, such as the 16mm lens used in many of the X-T4 reviews.
  22. Due to X-Trans, different editing tools yield different results, Lightroom has been criticised heavily for soft and mushy results demosaicing X-Trans files, hence many prefer Capture One.
  23. IBIS warping (especially in corners, with wide angle) is a known phenomenon in all IBIS capable cameras, electronic IS exhibits a different kind of warping. https://diglloyd.com/blog/2015/20150823_0800-SonyA7R_II-IBIS.html
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