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  1. For a 36x24mm FF sensor, 300nm vs 90nm process really make very little if any difference to image quality. There are more important contributors. CMOS sensors are not CPU, there's no constant need to shrink the die.
  2. This 63MP FF sensor from Canon (35MM63MXSCD, FSI with 300nm process) is a response to Sony's 61MP IMX455 (BSI & DTI with 90nm process), which recently entered mass production and will be sold to Nikon and Pentax.
  3. DJI Mavic 2 Zoom: D-Cinelike profile -> GH5 Cine-D PRE -> GHa Daylight Linear -> Contrast adjustments
  4. Crane 2 has its own focus motor, while Crane 3 Lab/Weebill Lab have their own motors for both focus and zoom, at the same time.
  5. Zhiyun Weebill Lab/Crane 3 Lab support it, by providing two motors for zoom and focus control.
  6. Tilta is showing a cage designed for X-T3 (the one on the right).
  7. Higher frame rate involves a lot of vertical cropping and/or dropping readout bitdepth.
  8. It's the same "Movie Digital IS" on EOS R. The Japanese text says: "When shooting movie, the built-in gyro sensor provides 5-axis image stabilisation with a compatible lens."
  9. I've seen a couple complaints regarding F-log banding/blocking on DPReview forum. Most people don't care though, not everybody is an image quality purist. Doesn't look like a hardware problem so bad copy is very unlikely.
  10. Yes this issue was discussed extensively on this forum, see my post comparing F-log and HLG. There's something wrong with Fuji's F-log implementation, could be flaws in the encoding parameter. The solution is to shoot HLG instead, it's completely clean and in my opinion also offers better colourimetry than F-Gamut. Please report this issue to Fujifilm by sending these photos along with a description http://www.fujifilm.com/contact/ We have to get Fujifilm's attention for a possible fix.
  11. Observation from preliminary testing GHa on X-T3: With F-log, even at 10bit 400Mbps, applying two LUTs (F-log to V-log then GHa linear) produces noticeable banding in the footage. The F-log banding issue was discussed in other threads but using two LUTs really accentuate these artifacts. HLG works amazingly well, the GH5 HLG preparation LUT is a perfect match (BT.2100 HLG is a standardised colour space so shouldn't come as a surprise). Again as discussed in another thread, HLG on X-T3 removes the magenta hue. Shades of blue have that Alexa signature cyan tint.
  12. https://www.lindy.co.uk/ Lindy makes some of the best cables and they are reasonably priced.
  13. It is the A7 III/Mavo LF sensor IMX410, without PDAF mask of course. The 8K one is IMX455.
  14. They made it very clear that it's Cineform RAW, a wavelet compressed highly efficient RAW format.
  15. Great video. I submitted a ticket to Adobe to address this issue, maybe you could also submit a ticket with a link to this video? Your English is great and your accent is hot.
  16. No they won't. A7S III is still primarily a stills camera, with cutting edge video features.
  17. https://lilliputdirect.com/lilliput-4k-ultra-hd-monitors?product_id=781
  18. Now the firmwares for their cameras will never come out of beta...
  19. "Fix"? It's a nice colour contrast, I don't know what the mood of the scene or the story is, but to me it's not really a big problem. If it's too blue, just do a secondary grade and drop blue saturation.
  20. Almost completely different architecture with this one being more advanced. 3.76um vs 2.91um, slim DTI, way more ADCs and they are now colour-aware (meaning significant readout noise reduction and QE boost). There are various 2x2, 3x3, 6x6 binning modes optimised for speed, quality or a compromise between the two. One of the 2x2 binning modes produces a 25MP image that even surpasses A7 III.
  21. Ha, this IS the demosaicing, all done on-chip at hardware level. You get super clean and sharp 4K 4:4:4 straight away.
  22. Until we have variable curvature sensor, curved sensor at this size will largely be limited to industrial/scientific use as one curvature has to match a specific focal length.
  23. X-H1 F-Log -> F-log/F-Gamut to V-log/V-Gamut LUT from LUTCalc -> GHa Daylight:
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