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  1. The top sub-display, like X-H1, isn't e-ink, it's a transflective matrix LCD. https://www.sharpsma.com/products?sharpCategory=Memory LCD&sharpProductRecordId=1504572
  2. It's just automatic SDR mapping, in Final Cut you can disable the mapping.
  3. It's a known issue and fixed in Catalina.
  4. If it bins like that, it doesn't sound good in marketing material. GFX100 reads the full width of the sensor at 11604 pixel, and vertically 2/3 subsamples from 6528 to 4352. The downsamples to 4K. So technically it oversamples.
  5. Because GFX100 heavily line-skips and bins when shooting 4K, the image exhibits quite a bit of moire and aliasing. Shame Fuji didn't implement the 3x3 RGB binning for a more organic, soft but detailed 4K image.
  6. Source is on fire today, apparently new firmware 4.0 for X-T3 is around the corner:
  7. Just received info from a source that, X-H2 (or whatever the next gen rugged flagship is called) will have integrated battery grip, like this:
  8. BSI Stacked vs. BSI Stacked with DRAM: DRAM is an additional stack which improves read speed even further. Other than mobile phone sensors, it's reserved for A9 type camera.
  9. 35mm crop is for stills only.
  10. GFX100 doesn't shoot crop 4K, all capture modes are full sensor width with vertical subsampling.
  11. Disappointing, now X-H2:
  12. It's available since day one.
  13. DCI 4K 60P is already available on X-T3. And 400Mbps is for All-Intra only up to 30P. It's the formatting that's confusing. The only change is the addition of FHD 240/200P, the rest is exactly the same as X-T3.
  14. Probably mentioned before, but just to put it here - the off the shelf 108MP HMX does not actually capture 8K, it's tops at 6K and Xiaomi upscales it to 8K. Only Samsung's own version shoots 8K, with a heavy crop.
  15. X-T3 120fps 1080p is achieved through a horizontal 4832 pixel full readout, and vertical 1:2 binning resulting a 4832 x 1359 bayer, which is then downsampled to 1920 x 1080. To achieve 240fps without a further crop, a 2:3 vertical subsampling needs to be added before 1:2 binning, resulting a 4832 x 906 bayer.
  16. No it doesn't shut off or stop recording when switching battery on X-T3. I have one with grip and all three batteries. Switching is seamless. It was the case on X-T2 and X-H1.
  17. Old news by now, but just to let everybody know, X-T4 uses a new battery NP-W235, likely to be 2350mAh (compared to X-T3 W126S 1260mAh).
  18. 3:2 open gate covers that, you can crop.
  19. Two highlights: 4K 50/60P and FHD/2K 100/120P have a no crop option, with a slight quality loss. DOL-HDR readout mode used for WDR capture, providing additional 2EV DR in video mode (total 13EV+), at the expense of higher rolling shutter.
  20. 6K 3:2 open gate at 30P, 6K 2.4:1 at 60P
  21. Mark VII can record slowmo twice as long as Mark V. (4s vs. 2s)
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