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  1. It's all to do with FOV. A 50mm 2x anamorphic lens has a horizontal FOV equivalent of a 25mm spherical lens. On a GFX, a 63mm lens has an FOV equivalent of a 50mm lens. Some people call it "grandness".
  2. Magic Lantern does 14bit RAW
  3. It's an H.265 decoding issue, nothing to do with X-T3. H.265 files shot on GoPros have the same problem.
  4. The primary reason for Sony to introduce global shutter to consumer digital stills cameras is to completely eliminate mechanical shutter (no shake).
  5. The pixel size is actually 3.76um, the 60MP FF sensor, IMX455, is already being sold to third parties, including Zcam E2 F8, Nikon and Pentax.
  6. On a Sony sensor, the only ways to reduce rolling shutter is to readout fewer pixels (especially vertically) and drop readout bitdepth.
  7. I was wrong about the readout methods on GFX100. In 4K, it supersamples the full width of 11604 pixels, and vertically line-skips 2/3 from 6527 pixels, resulting in a final bayer of 11604 x 4352 pixels at 11bit, then it's downscaled to 4K UHD/DCI. 4K rolling shutter is around 30ms. Stills mode electronic shutter scan rate is 1/6s.
  8. I believe one of the first Exmor GS sensors is 42MP FF IMX651, DR is similar to A9.
  9. If you want reliable continuous video AF, forget adapters. Go with Fuji's f/2 primes or f/2.8 zooms.
  10. Funny that they shoot film simulations at DR100 and complain about the limited dynamic range.
  11. 100MP 44 x 33 IMX461 is the latest one. We might see a 170MP one in 2021.
  12. IMX555 is a FF sensor and won't be out till 2020.
  13. No. It's a speed-oriented sensor line-up with the elimination of mechanical shutter mechanism in mind. And it'll likely to be Sony exclusive for a while. I'm fairly sure X-H2 will move onto the 2.91um gen 43MP Exmor R.
  14. This is exactly what happens when pan axis is locked, instead of follow.
  15. Apparently @MaxYuryev just joined, welcome ?
  16. Sounds like the pan axis is locked.
  17. That press release was from 2015. A hint: Exmor sensors are used in smartphone cameras, consumer/prosumer DSLR/mirrorless cameras, and cinema cameras.
  18. Sony's new line of professional imaging sensors, Exmor GS, has entered mass production: This is a new additional to Sony Semicon's current sensor line-up for consumer/professional imaging: Exmor R (Reverse/BSI) Exmor RS (BSI + Stacking)
  19. Nice work. Are you sure the crushed blacks wasn't caused by this? Did you edit the GFX100 footage on Mac?
  20. Cropped 2.39:1 just doesn't look as authentic and visceral as true anamorphic cinemascope. X-T3 is capable of full open gate 6240x4160 12bit readout at 30fps, with 31ms rolling shutter, if combined with 1.5x anamorphic lenses it'd be a dream setup.
  21. ProRes RAW can be 14bit, DJI Zenmuse X7 records certain resolution/framerates in 14bit ProRes RAW. It's no higher than 24P. But for the sensor Z6 is using, it cannot achieve video frame rate using 14bit ADC.
  22. sRAW is not true RAW, it’s debayered.
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