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  1. R6 sensor resolution appears to be 5472 x 3648.
  2. Can confirm, and I may get in trouble for saying this but it will be officially announced on April 1st.
  3. Sensor resolution appears to be 8208 x 5472, approx 45MP.
  4. It'll be 10bit H.265/HEVC, 480Mbps IPB.
  5. When Ronin SC triggers the camera, if the camera and Ninja V are set up properly (HDMI record trigger), the camera subsequently triggers Ninja V. So yes Ronin SC can trigger both.
  6. These are outdated info, the official standard now is no longer pure power law gamma of either 2.2 or 2.4, it's BT.1886. https://www.itu.int/dms_pubrec/itu-r/rec/bt/R-REC-BT.1886-0-201103-I!!PDF-E.pdf https://kb.portrait.com/help/bt-1886-10-questions-10-answers
  7. How FHD high frame rate modes are sampled: Up to 120P: Horizontal 4832 pixels are readout in full, vertical 2718 pixels are 2/3 line-skipped and then 1/2 binned to 906 pixels. Up to 240P: Horizontal 4832 pixels are readout in full, vertical 2718 pixels are 3/5 line-skipped to 542 pixels.
  8. Those IBIS shots looked great because it was shot with a 35mm lens. The IBIS corner wobble artifacts are more pronounced in wider focal lengths, such as the 16mm lens used in many of the X-T4 reviews.
  9. Due to X-Trans, different editing tools yield different results, Lightroom has been criticised heavily for soft and mushy results demosaicing X-Trans files, hence many prefer Capture One.
  10. IBIS warping (especially in corners, with wide angle) is a known phenomenon in all IBIS capable cameras, electronic IS exhibits a different kind of warping. https://diglloyd.com/blog/2015/20150823_0800-SonyA7R_II-IBIS.html
  11. Well the H.264/HEVC will definitely be softer, due to downscaling (we don't know what algorithm Fuji uses to downscale 6K), 4:2:0 colour sampling (vs. JPEG 4:2:2) and higher compression ratio.
  12. A fair comparison would be internal JPEG vs. internal H.264/HEVC, with the same sharpening/NR settings.
  13. Warping happens with IBIS only.
  14. Mini doc shot on X-T4 from Cinema5D: AF-C micro pulsing and IBIS warping, jerking are a massive turn off.
  15. That's just your stereotype and bias. Made in Japan X-Pro 3 had some serious QC issue: https://***URL removed***/forums/thread/4465821 Can I jump into conclusion that "made in Japan" has now become complete crap? X-T4 are made in both China and Japan. No.
  16. Retail X-T4 units are made in more than one country, to the same standard.
  17. Fujifilm has confirmed that X-H line will continue:
  18. (Pre-production) X-T4 IBIS exhibits noticeable warping with some lenses:
  19. Also, the VG-XT4 battery grip has removed the DC input for stand-alone charging, but it can now be charged with the USB-C connection when attached to the camera body (up to three batteries at the same time)
  20. FHD 240P mode maintains a 1.29x crop, however there's a noticeable drop in IQ compared to 120P with more line-skipping and binning artefacts.
  21. General availability is not expected until May, due to COVID-19 outbreak.
  22. You can, I literally said that.
  23. This is going to be controversial, Fujifilm removed headphone jack on the X-T4 body and put it on the grip instead (next to the pull tab), if you wanna use headphone with the body only, you might need USB-C adapter.
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