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    RED Komodo

    Just dropping this here with all the R5 buzz: RED Komodo sensor was co-designed with and manufactured by Canon, it's literally an APS-Cish crop of the full frame sensor on R5.
  2. R5 will have Canon's fastest on-chip ADC from 1DX III with readout speed at 174Kp/s @ 12bit, compared to Sony's current gen of 180Kp/s. With this data, the 45MP sensor can scan DCI 8K at 40fps so rolling shutter will be around 25ms.
  3. https://dronedj.com/2020/04/22/new-dji-mavic-air-2-price-and-photos-leak-online/ It uses the 1/2" Quad Bayer 48MP IMX586 sensor, the same one used on Autel EVO II 8K. It shoots 4K video and 48MP stills. Retail price $799 Full official release on the 27th.
  4. @Andrew Reid 1DX III owners/shooters, some might not know this but here's how you can bring back the legendary 1DC colour science:
  5. Tariffs ended yes, but the product categorisation still exists, changing digital stills camera to video camera requires assigning new serial numbers to every unit sold, it's not possible to do this.
  6. https://news.samsung.com/global/editorial-rivalling-the-human-eye-how-samsung-is-opening-up-the-possibilities-for-image-sensor-technology
  7. Would be nice to have full sensor height anamorphic mode, but the vast majority of anamorphic lenses are designed for S35 coverage. 15.7mm
  8. BRAW is not RAW, it's a compressed, partially debayered codec.
  9. Since the Alexa was tested using ProRes codec for 14 stops of DR, it's only fair to test compressed codec for all other cameras as a standardised metric.
  10. C300 MK III DGO only scored 12.8 stops using ARRI standard. https://***URL not allowed***/canon-c300-mark-iii-lab-test-pre-production-dynamic-range-rolling-shutter-and-latitude/ For reference: C300 MK II: 12.3 stops C500 MK II: 13.1 stops
  11. Nikon (and Fuji) specify some of the design and Sony Semicon manufacture them.
  12. Those ones have CRI between 70-80, enough for residential lighting. If you want cinema/broadcast quality CRI, you can replace the LED ribbon inside it with a high CRI, daylight balanced one.
  13. Sony Semicon and Sony Alpha are completely different entities.
  14. Sony Semicon is years ahead of the others, and the only one capable of providing enough volume Fujifilm requires.
  15. Corporate BS. They wanted to put a new sensor in X-H2 but Sony Semicon, which is their "boss", is dragging them down. Regarding X-T3 firmware, the code is easily transferable from X-T4 due to the same hardware (apart from IBIS). What they are really considering is how they should do it/which features to drop so they don't hurt X-T4 sale.
  16. Just to put this out there, EVO II doesn't really shoot 8K due to its Quad Bayer sensor, and it does not (yet) use the Quad Bayer HDR feature:
  17. Wide angle lens + IBIS are known to cause those corner warping wobble, it's from perspective change caused by sensor movement (the wider the more amplified), It happens with GH5 as well.
  18. Check the Ninja V monitoring setting, some default settings were moved around/changed, I didn't notice any difference in NLE output monitoring. Haha no. It's just a flag in ProRes metadata, no data is ever thrown out, not before or after this update.
  19. So you are Inside the K. Just go to Phoenix Park.
  20. You can. 2km radius for exercise, or anywhere for shopping essential items.
  21. OnePlus 8 Pro will be the first to have triple-exposure HDR video.
  22. Looks like you're getting the triple exposure feature you want: https://www.mediatek.com/products/smartphones/dimensity-1000
  23. Atomos AtomOS 10.3 update for the Ninja V finally FINALLY added HDMI Full-to-Legal range conversion on the recorded input!! https://www.atomos.com/firmware/ninja-v
  24. https://leopardimaging.com/product/autonomous-camera/maxim-gmsl2-cameras/li-imx490-gmsl2/
  25. So how many stops of dynamic range do you want? Sony has a 1/1.55" sensor IMX490 that does 20 stops (120dB) dynamic range in a single exposure.
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