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  1. 38 Seconds of footage from the Pocket 4K. Just initial test. Will have a lot more soon! I will make this private in a bit but it's for those that wanted a bit of footage from Day 1. I'm not fan of the shakiness since we didn't have the appropriate gear, nor did we have the Wireless FF.

    DNG 3:1. 24fps and 60/24fps, there’s some light DNR on some of the clips. 
    Sigma 18-35mm Nikon with a Hoya ProND 8 (I put this on and forgot I had it on for the whole duration). Viltrox Nikon to m43 version. Ronin-S. 
    4th Axis Stabilizer (Didn’t know how to set the tension at this point, next clips will be better!). Light warp on the beach clips.


  2. Watch this video and stop saying that Pocket4K is not сinematic. In the hands of the master with taste and good lenses, even the GH5 is beautiful. Otherwise, it is too early for you to have such a camera, learn to shoot first :)

    Shot on GH5 using Lomo anamorphic and spherical lenses (50mm roundfront and +1 +2 diopters in a few shots). Graded with FilmConvert using KD 5207 Vis3.



  3. I preordered P4K at HOTROD on 30 august and they answered me now about my order:

    "We spoke to both Distribution and Blackmagic in the US this morning and there is still no confirmed release date. You are currently 58 on our preorder list, but we have no idea how many cameras Blackmagic will ship in the first batch. We have ordered plenty of cameras to cover all of our preorders if they ship our full order"

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