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  1. You easily find out the honest company with respect to its customers: every declared parameter in the camera specification must be confirmed by a document confirming the declared parameters. This can be the results of production tests, any documents, test images, which justifies the declared characteristics. The company should be responsible for its words and give this information to the user before selling the camera.

  2. A comment from vimeo that explains a possible reason of the clipped highlights in this video:



    Thank you for shooting these, man. Just a quick note from an original bmpcc user. You should try shooting the day scenes (sunset etc) with a higher iso. When you drop the iso you drop the noise, but you also drop the dynamic range from the highlights. It would have been nice to really see that sunset with 2 more stops of dynamic range that you lost going to 100 iso. It seems counter intunitive, but it really is how the camera works best in high contrast situations. Thanks again man!


  3. Comparing IQ of the Pocket4K and Terra4K you should pay attention to lenses. He used in this review hi quality glass. I'm sure Pocket 4K will be good too with Leica R's :)


    Lots of different lenses since there are so many shoots and locations. My base set is 5 Leica R primes ranging from 28-135mm so those are in a lot of scenes - the little girl with the markers was definitely the 28mm, but I can't remember every shot. One of the Norway days I borrowed my friend's Sigma 18-35mm Art. The Bladerunner looking stuff in the office was on a 24-70mm Canon L, The stuff at night with the cars in the rain was a Pentax 50mm f/1.4 Super Takumar, and the shot of the model with the chart and OLPF flare were on a Zeiss CP2 50mm cine prime.


  4. A quote from the review of Terra 4K: https://nofilmschool.com/2018/04/review-kinefinity-terra-4k-offers-bang-buck


    Dynamic Range. This is a big one. Kinefinity claims 14 stops. I’ve attended one test personally and have seen the results of another online that both peg the dynamic range of the Terra 4K at 12 2/3 stops, more than a stop lower than the manufacturer’s claim. RAW recording has not yet been enabled via firmware update so it’s possible that the addition of RAW will add some more highlight retention, but the camera does not seem to be able to record the claimed 14 stops that were part of my buying decision. This is disappointing. I reached out to Kinefinity for comment and they’ve said that an engineer is investigating the issue.


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